Hannibal’s Kenney Middle School Students ‘Build-Em and Bust-Em’

HANNIBAL – On November 8, the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) hosted the annual “Build ’Em and Bust ’Em” Bridge Building Competition for 600 pupils from local elementary, middle and high school students throughout Central New York.

"Build-Em and Bust-Em" Teams
“Build-Em and Bust-Em” Teams – Front row, Stephen McCombie, Jordan McCombie and Madison Ruggio, Caitlyn Bartlett, Amberly Lanning
Middle row: Hunter Dumas, Danny Cerrillo, John Mills, Theresa Przepiora, Christian Polhamus, Zach Moore
Back Row: Ron, Carl Emmons, Joey Cerrillo, Blake Donhauser, Cameron Lugo, Trinitee Taylor, Samara Harrington, Jrew Taylor, Brandon Graham, Zach, CJ Watts, Isaiah Rogers.

Working during study halls and after school, student teams designed and built basswood bridges in the Kenney Middle School Technology Education classroom under the direction of technology teacher Gregory Bailey.

There were specific competition guidelines that all students had to follow to build the basswood bridges.

The winning bridges at the event were based on their efficiency, determined by the mass of the bridge divided into weight the bridge could support before failure.

This hands-on activity takes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education outside the class, with an emphasis on teamwork and design.

Hannibal’s Kenney Middle School students competed in three categories.

Fifteen students made up the six teams that represented Kenney Middle School in category 1 at this year’s the event. These teams competed against 118 other teams consisting of fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

The teams were;
Placing 114th the Gutlers- Amberly Lanning, Samara Harrington and Caitlyn Bartlett
Placing 105th the Bridge Busters – Cameron Lugo, Blake and Logan Donhauser
Placing 91st the Warrior Builders – Ron Collins and Carl Emmons
Placing 73rd the Dancing Monkeys – Jordan McCombie and Madison Ruggio
Placing 39th – The Camo Queens – Hunter Dumas and Danny Cerrillo
And our highest placing category 1 team, placing 38th was The Red Eagles team of Theresa Przepiora, Christian Polhamus and Kayla Barton

5 teams competed in Category II Grades 7 and 8 against 46 other teams.
Placing 44th the Middle School Mashers -Isaiah Rogers, Trinitee and Jrew Taylor
Placing 32nd the Ninja Bridge Breakers -Logan Edwards and Stephen McCombie
Placing 27th the Camo Kings -Joe Cerrillo and Ryan Whitcomb
Placing 24 the Kings and Queen Builders – John Mills, Braden Lamby and Antonia Cantu
Our highest placing category II team, placing 11th was the Build’em Saints team of CJ Watts, Zach Moore and Brandon Graham.

1 team competed in high school division
Place 7th was Team Totman – Shawn and James Totman

This year’s contest was sponsored by the L.C. Smith College of Engineering, Computer Science at Syracuse University, Technology Alliance of CNY, Lockheed Martin and Time Warner.