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September 25, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday Alyssa Spicer

Alyssa Spicer was 6 years old on January 19.

She is a kindergarten student, she enjoys school. She is also a Daisy Scout.

Happy 6th Birthday Alyssa Spicer

Happy 6th Birthday Alyssa Spicer

Alyssa loves to play dress up, sing, act and dance; likes to make you laugh, is a jokester and makes you smile.

She likes just about anything that keeps her attention and loves to get involved with everything.

Alyssa shared her birthday with family and friends.

Happy Birthday Alyssa we love you.

From Nana and Papa; Aunt Nikki and Cousin Owen; Uncle Dane and Aunt Trina;  Grandma Linda too many to mention because your loved a lot!

Alyssa  is the daughter of Amanda and Shaun Spicer of Fulton.

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