Harborfest Calls Upon Community Members for Support Through Memberships

OSWEGO, NY – For many of the thousands of visitors to Oswego’s beautiful waterfront, the annual occurrence of Harborfest in July is the highlight of the summer, if not the year.

As the free-admission live music festival enters its 30th anniversary, it calls upon local businesses, individuals and families to consider donating what they can to help continue the tradition.

Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc., the organizer of the event, is a registered not-for-profit organization.

Every year, its budget starts over from scratch and fundraising efforts begin anew to raise the money needed to put on one of the largest scale free music festivals in New York State.

It’s no easy task for the small part-time staff and volunteer board members.

Margaret Gnadt, membership coordinator, said, “Becoming a member isn’t just about writing a check or running your credit card. It’s a collaborative effort between Harborfest and people in the community to continue to offer this valuable experience not only in a tourism sense but also as a local tradition. Right now we are a little less than halfway to our membership goal with around 65 days until the festival. Every little bit helps. We just ask that people please consider donating what they can to help us reach our goal.”

Membership forms can be found on www.oswegoharborfest.com and the festival now offers the option of donating online from anywhere, also available on the site.

Donations made at the $25 level or above made out to Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc., are eligible for entry into a jewelry raffle to win a pair of diamond earrings donated by Bridge Street Jewelers.

The drawing will be held at the opening ceremonies on the NRG Lakeview Stage on July 27.

Harborfest is one of the few admission-free music festivals in the country.

It was founded with the mission of creating nationally recognized festivals and events that attract and engage a broad and diverse audience, celebrate and build community, and advance economic development in Oswego.

It would not be possible to continue the event without the massive continued support received from the city of Oswego, businesses, organizations, government entities and individuals and family members.

To learn more about memberships, about Harborfest or to contribute in another way to support the event, contact the Harborfest offices at 41 Lake St., Oswego, NY 13126 or visit www.oswegoharborfest.com

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  1. Well, maybe if harborfest didn’t try to police it so much it would be popular again. Open containers tickets, outrageous prices for everything from soda, food to games. No parking pretty much everywhere. When people travel to an event, they don’t want to be worried about getting huge fines, or thrown in jail for having a beer. They ruined harborfest for most everyone, trying to turn it into a mostly family event. In the beginning, it was popular, but with harsh rules being put in place it ruined it. There are much better harborfest festivals which allow people to have fun and not worry so much about consequences.

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