Harborfest Children’s Musical A Show About the Meaning of Family.

Oswego Children’s Theater will present The Wizard of Oz as the Harborfest children’s musical with four performances during the festival. Pictured are Alexa Bell, Lana Hsu, Emma Pryor, Lylah Lukowski, Austynn Milone-Grinnell, Adrianna Geroux, Ramonda Huff, Kayla Brooker, Kristen McClure, Azelea McCarthy, Olivia Emmons, Eva Kandt, Leo Jones, Ethan Mosher, Nolan Verberg, Sam Emmons,Trevor Griffiths, Damien Germain, Oliver Lukowski, Lucas Kelly, Cameron D’Angelo Max Clarke, Greg Thomas, Mason Fedele, Josie Metcalf, Layne Osbourne, Emma Deloff, Sean Metcalf, Gianna Ellingwood and Arianna Lee Jones, with director Lyndsie Lee Jones out in front.

OSWEGO – This summer’s Harborfest Children’s Musical will present a show about the meaning of family with a production, of the childhood classic “The Wizard of Oz.”

The familiar tale of the little girl who traveled to another world full of strange beautiful sights and dangerous adventures only to return home again shows how important family is in the most difficult of times, as there truly is “no place like home.”

The show features a cast of about 60 young people ranging in age from 1 to 16 years that come from all over the area including Oswego, Fulton, Hannibal, Mexico, Phoenix, Martville, Sterling, Camden and Johnson City.

The cast and crew also includes multiple individuals from the same family.

A good example of these relationships might be the show stage and musical directors Lyndsie and Ken Jones a married couple, and their children – Arianna, Leo and Elliot Jones are all part of the production.

In addition, producers Wayne and Kelly Mosher, along with grandson, actor, Ethan Mosher, are part of the show.

Other families involved include the Metcalfs with Josie and Sean Metcalf, the Emmons with Sam and Olivia Emmons, the D’Angelos with Cameron and Ethan and Gianna D’Angelo, the Huffs with Kara, Ramonda and Louisa Huff, the Brookers with Hannah, Kayla and Alexa Brooker, the Sawyers with Amelia and Althea Sawyer, the Verbergs with Nolan and Elsie Verberg, the Buckalews with Claire and Nya Bucklew, the Williams with Lydia and Lena Williams, the Kellys with Leah, Nora and Lucas Kelly, the Lukowskis with Lylah and Oliver Lukowski, the Germains with Damien and Dickie Germaiin, the Kandts with Hannah and Eva Kandt. the McCarthys with Ember and Azalea McCarthy, the Hsus with Lana and Kara Hsu, the Penningtons with Keira and Rowinn Pennington, and two families of Osborns including Dale, Sydney and Layne Osborn in one branch and Aislinn and Sage Osborn in another.

“The Wizard of Oz” will be produced by Oswego Children’s Theater with award-winning directors Lyndsie Lee and Kenneth C. Jones assuming the stage and music leadership roles.

The show is based on the book by Central New York native L. Frank Baum.with music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg, background music by Herbert Stothart and dance and vocal arrangements by Peter Howard.

This Young Performer’s version of the show is based upon the Royal Shakespeare Company production adapted for stage by John Kane with orchestration by Larry Wilcox taken from the classic 1939 motion picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.

Adaptation and support materials for the Young Performer’s edition of the show was developed by iTheatrics under the supervision of Timothy Allen McDonald.

The show is produced by special arrangement with Music Theater International.

The Wizard of Oz will be presented several times during the festival weekend on the Children’s Stage at West Park.

For more information, visit www.oswegoharborfest.com