Harborfest Fireworks to be Simulcast on WNYO This Year

Oswego, NY – SUNY Oswego’s WNYO 88.9 FM will be home to the simulcast of the Entergy Nuclear Harborfest Fireworks by Grucci of New York on Saturday, July 30. The show will start at approximately 9:30 PM. For the 24th consecutive year, the Saturday night fireworks spectacular will highlight the annual admission-free music festival on the shores of southeast Lake Ontario.

“It’s only fitting that our local hometown festival’s marquee attraction will be associated with a hometown radio station,” said Harborfest Executive Director Tom Van Schaack. We are very grateful to the staff at WNYO and WRVO for stepping up to the plate to air the incredible music that will be featured during this year’s Entergy Nuclear Fireworks Spectacular.”

The nearly half-hour Entergy Nuclear Fireworks Spectacular is the only world-class fireworks exhibition in upstate New York and demonstrates the highest level of pyrotechnic artistry as thousand of shells and “ground effects” are choreographed to a carefully selected music track. Produced by Fireworks by Grucci of New York, the Entergy Nuclear Fireworks Spectacular is a very special event that draws an estimated audience of more than 75,000 people to the southeastern shores of Lake Ontario each year.

Fireworks by Grucci’s of New York is an award winning Long Island Based company known for its complex and exciting shows. In addition to Harborfest they have produced fireworks displays for six presidential inaugurations, the Statue of Liberty Centennial, the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial, The Lake Placid Olympic Games, the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, the Olympic Games in Greece and several world fairs.

2011 Harborfest Programs ($2) and Trolley Buttons ($3) are now on sale at the Harborfest offices in the McCrobie Building on Lake Street in Oswego. In addition, $5 off coupons for the Harborfest Midway are also available at the Harborfest offices and at select downtown Oswego businesses.

Harborfest 2011 is scheduled for July 28-31 and will feature plenty of food, fun and entertainment as venues on both Oswego’s east and west sides will be used to deliver the excitement. A wide variety of entertainment will be featured on stages throughout the city of Oswego including, the Novelis Family Park at East Park, East Park’s Labatt Blue Light Jazz & Blues Stage, the Veteran’s Stage in Riverwalk West, and the NRG Lakeview Stage in Breitbeck Park. Visit the Harborfest website at www.oswegoharborfest.com for the latest information on this year’s festival.


  1. Thank you, Mr. Van Shaack and the whole Harborfest team for what you do all year long to make this event possible. Many complain about the inconveniences of having 1/3 of a million people here over a four day period, but for those of us who remember the pre-Harborfest Oswego, all I can say, is, this event does more than celebrate our waterways!

    Before Harborfest, Oswego took care of it’s own properties, but were less generous to the community at large. Parks weren’t as ‘sculpted,’ municipal streets weren’t ‘quite’ as maintained, and mostly, we didn’t put our best face forward for visitors. Just as a family that ‘cleans house’ before the relatives come, Oswego took care of their own houses, some minimally, and safety measures weren’t quite as vigilantly maintained for walkways, roadways, etc.

    Now, I see that all year long, Oswego just plain looks like the pretty little city by the lake (and river) that it is!

    I think it was the vision of Rosemary Nesbitt, Charlotte Sullivan, and those early folks that saw what might be possible for Oswego. Although industries (and their sponsorships) have left the region, making it harder and harder to produce the event of days gone by, the Harborfest organization does more with less, and in my opinion, does a fabulous job with the limited resources you do have.

    So thank you, and I look forward to Harborfest 2011. I know all the family members that ‘come home’ that weekend do, too!

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