Harborfest Volunteer Wins Murdock’s Raffle Prize

In back from left are Rick Rogers, Greg Mills, Jennifer Cogswell, Nick Little and Andy Hinman. In front are Gabby and Josh Veyan.
In back from left are Rick Rogers, Greg Mills, Jennifer Cogswell, Nick Little and Andy Hinman. In front are Gabby and Josh Veyan.

OSWEGO, NY – If one was to walk through Breitbeck, East, and West Park in the morning during the Harborfest season, one would not have known of the massive amounts of people that walked through those areas the day before.

The parks were cleaned, the booths maintained, and smiles were ever so present.

This type of work was not paid for in cash but by hours of dedicated community members who believe in giving back through volunteering.

“I have had people ask why I continue to take the position of volunteer coordinator for Harborfest and it all stems down to one thing: community. I have lived here in Oswego for almost seven years and it was very apparent that there are so many people in our community who want to share their passion, knowledge, and love of Oswego,” said Nick Little. “It has become Harborfest’s mission to show Oswego how we can not only prepare an amazing four-day festival, but empower local residents to give back through volunteering and that is so awesome.”

For every four-hour shift a volunteer completes, they are automatically placed in a raffle system for a Murdock’s Bicycles and Sports gift card.

Murdock’s has continuously shown its support of the Harborfest volunteers by donating a generous gift from its shop.

“This is something that truly represents the relationship our local business have with local volunteers. Thank you, Murdocks for your continued generosity,” Little said. “It is with great pleasure that I announce our winner of the raffle: Jennifer Cogswell. Jennifer, along with her son, Josh, and daughter, Gabby, volunteered multiple four-hour shifts, two of which included getting up at 7 a.m. and picking up Breitbeck Park. Their dedication to being involved in the community and giving back is very apparent. Congratulations and thank you for your service!”

“We look forward to seeing Jennifer and her kids next year in making sure our parks and areas are clean, maintained, and ready to go for our 32nd year of Harborfest. Congratulations, Jennifer and thank you, again, to all the volunteers who made this year the best one yet!” he added.

Greg Mills, owner and operator of Murdock’s Bicycles and Sports, said, “Murdock’s is always happy to support Harborfest to highlight everything Oswego has to offer. This year we provided a gift card that works as a thank you for the volunteers as well as an opportunity for them to buy other products that might be of interest for them in the store.”

Cogswell, said, “The experience was a lot of fun. Helping out the community really makes you feel good and is therapeutic and surprisingly, very fun. Harborfest is fun for everyone to get together, have fun and relax. Every summer Harborfest is the one thing we do together as a family and look forward too.”

For more information on volunteering, contact Little, by email at [email protected]

To learn more, visit www.oswegoharborfest.com or contact the Harborfest offices at 41 Lake St., Oswego, NY 13126 or call (315)-343-6858.