Harborfest’s Interim Executive Director Concludes Duties

Submitted article

With Harborfest 2008 at its conclusion, Laurel Anne Braun’s term as Interim Executive Director is ending.  The Executive Director’s position became vacant in late May following the eight year leadership of Michael Redding. Braun assumed the director’s position on June 1. Upon mutual agreement, Braun was only contracted to direct the festival for the 2008 edition so the Board of Directors could pursue its search for a permanent director.  Braun will also resume her seat on the board immediately following the end of her term just in time to assist in planning for 2009.

Braun said of her recent experience in the director’s role, “I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such an accomplished and talented staff,” she continued, “I am so proud to be a part of an effort that brings so many people together such as our generous sponsors, the local businesses, vendors, and volunteers to celebrate our beautiful community and waterfront.”

The Board of Directors will also be preparing to finalize its search for an Executive Director as they review the candidates solicited earlier this year.  In addition to filling the vacancy, the organization is moving forward with long and short term strategic planning to ensure sustainability for the festival.

Of Braun’s direction Vice President of the Board and Personnel Chair, John Scardella, stated “The Board of Directors wants to thank Laurel for her hard work and dedication to the festival in the midst of most trying times with the bridge closure, significant weather, and the economy we faced. Directing the festival this year was a challenge but her leadership gave us an opportunity to continue to enjoy Harborfest as in years past,” Scardella continued, “and now with this one behind us we plan to enjoy the festival for many more years to come.”

Harborfest is slated for July 23-26 in 2009.