Hardcore Fit Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary

FULTON – This December marks a 4-year anniversary for Hardcore Fit which first opened its doors to the public in 2015.

HardCORE Fit Owner/Certified Trainer Jessica Shoults Baldwin is pictured at left in front with HardCORE Fit trainers Susan Cole, Melani Blasczienski and Ashley Barbur. In back row are Nikki Watts, Nikki Besaw, Jayme French, Jennifer Mainville and Jill Lamphere.

Today the gym announced that it is celebrating this milestone in part by revealing a newly-painted studio that features the gym’s logo in big, bold lettering to remind everyone who enters that they are welcome and are a part of the HardCORE Fit team.

“For four years, we have been going strong and our members and trainers are what make this place so special for so many people. We really try to foster a culture where people feel encouraged to come and work out with others, get help meeting their own personal goals, to be encouraged to listen to our bodies and to have fun in the process,” said owner and certified personal trainer Jessica Shoults Baldwin. “So much has happened in the last four years but I just want to say that I am grateful for everyone who has trusted us here and let us all be a part of their fitness goals, whatever they may be.”

Hardcore Fit Fitness Studio offers small group training sessions, nutritional counseling, group exercise, dance fitness, kickboxing, high intensity interval and tabata training classes.

Classes are offered in both morning and evening with some classes offered during the day.

Interval and tabata classes target upper body, lower body, core, and back while other classes like dance fit offer a total body workout.

Earlier this year, the studio added cycling to complement its TRX training set-up, expanded free weights and cross training tools.

In 2018, Baldwin launched a website HardCOREfitfulton.com, that features an online calendar that can be synched to members’ phones. This has helped to keep members and the public apprised of classes which change each month to ensure variety in everyone’s workout.

The site also features success stories and testimonials.

HardCORE Fit is now accepting new monthly training memberships.

The studio is located at 1332 State Route 176, Fulton, near County Route 14.

“The culture here is all about encouragement,” Baldwin said. “It’s not easy to take that first step, every one of us can attest to that, but once you do, you realize that everyone here started somewhere and we’re all a work in progress.”

For more information or class schedules, please visit HardCOREFitfulton.com, visit HardCORE Fit on Facebook or call or text Baldwin at 315-289-7176.