Has Your Neighborhood Been ELFed Yet?

OSWEGO – Local Oswego Homeowners and Oswego History Enthusiasts Lee and Brian Hickey own a home on the west side near the hospital.

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From left: Steven Phillips, Mayor Billy Barlow and Lee Hickey

Recently met with Paul Stewart and his husband Steve Phillips: co-founders of The Oswego Renaissance Association, to find out how they could get involved with the ORA for 2019.

After a great discussion, Lee and Brian agreed to become the resident leaders for their neighborhood for the 2019 ORA Award Year.

Hickey put forward one idea to begin to reach out to neighbors called: “You’ve been ELFed.”

“A simple way of spreading neighborhood cheer and getting to know your neighbors!” said Lee.

The explanation says: “Help spread neighborhood cheer! Place a ‘We’ve been ELFed!’ sign in a window where it’s visible, so everyone will know you have already been ELFed.

Remove the stuff from the box, bucket, basket, etc. as that is yours to keep.

Refill the receptacle with stuff you would like to “elf” someone with.

Include a couple of sets of the above directions and a couple ‘we’ve been ELFed’ signs so everyone can continue it on.

The goal is for as many homes as possible in your neighborhood to be “ELFed.”

Hickey reached out to Phillips who was only too happy to help get the idea off the ground.

Together they created more than 10 gift baskets and have begun to “ELF” their neighbors.

“Lee’s idea works perfectly with some of the goals of the ORA.” explained Phillips. “After 5 years and more than 500 homeowners partnering with the ORA, we know that neighbors must first invest socially before they will invest financially in their neighborhood. As a matter of fact, most people who have partnered with the ORA say that the social investments/connections are the most valuable part of their experience with the ORA.“

You don’t have to be involved with the ORA to participate with “You’ve Been ELFed,” it is open to everyone.

Lee and Steve set up a FaceBook page titled; “Elfed Oswego” where you can download a copy of the sign, explanation and direction.

So spread some neighborhood cheer…consider “ELFing” one of your neighbors.

To get the window picture and directions go to: https://www.facebook.com/ELFED-Oswego-535751753569180/

About ORA Resident Leaders:

Resident leaders educate and recruit homeowners in their neighborhoods to the both social and financial benefits of partnering with the ORA.

The ORA offers a variety of matching grants to homeowners for exterior renovations.

Applications for the 2019 Award Year will be available shortly after the New Year from the ORA’s Website; www.OswegoNYonline.com.