Head Shop 420 Emporium the Focus of Protest in Another City

The Fulton head shop 420 Emporium is a chain, with outlets in six communities.

In one of those cities, a family fed up with the bath salts issue is planning a protest.

According to Howard Owens of The Batavian, who alerted us to the story, a woman confronted workers at the Batavia outlet of 420 Emporium, claiming the store had sold her son a bath salts product.  The woman got a ticket for allegedly trespassing, but it convinced her to hold a community protest, which got backing from a city official:

City Manager Jason Molino said such a protest might be an appropriate neighborhood response.

“If that’s what’s going on inside that establishment, and if the neighborhood is fed up, it’s certainly within their right to do that,” Molino said.

Protests aimed at two head shops in Madison County ended with at least one of the shops closing its doors.

“Bath salts” is the nickname given to a class of drugs that experts say creates extreme hallucinations and violent behavior.  The drugs have been legal because they’re not covered by current law.

The 420 Emporium is not the only head shop in Fulton.  A Syracuse-based store, called Twisted Headz, had an outlet on the west side of the city.  In recent days, the store has looked empty.  The company claims in a banner hung outside the store that it does not sell bath salts.  The State Attorney General’ Office is suing Twisted Headz as part of a statewide probe of head shops.

[Thanks to Howard Owens/The Batavian for the tip.]

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  1. I am so incredibly happy to see that the issue is being addressed. Our youth have enough pressures to deal with and parents have enough to worry about, bath salts and other synthetic poisons need to be crossed off the list. Hopefully now the individuals selling it out of their homes will either stop or get busted.

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