Heart Transplant Recipient Returns to APW Elementary School

PARISH – After undergoing a heart transplant months ago, Altmar-Parish-Williamstown fourth grade student Logan Narolis has been welcomed back to the school district with open arms.

Logan Narolis

Before Naralis was born, doctors found he had a heart defect called critical aortic stenosis.

This defect caused one of the valves in his heart to be too narrow, meaning blood couldn’t flow through it normally.

After several open-heart surgeries, Naralis was put on the heart transplant list. After months of waiting, Noralis had his transplant surgery on April 28th of this year.

Naralis has since returned to the APW Elementary School, much to the delight of students and faculty.

“I’m just so grateful that’s he able to be here because it’s just not the same without him,” said Principal Julie Woolson.

“It was not really the same without him,” said fourth grade student Victoria Sargent. “You would just miss him because he (has) that laugh. If someone said something funny, he’d always give a big belly laugh.”

The APW Central School District has continually supported Logan throughout his journey by hosting benefits and sending well wishes.

“We’re a family here and really everybody, whether they know him or not here, they have really supported his full journey in every way,” said educational aide Amy Scott.