Heat and Eat. With SNAP, You Don’t Have to Choose

OSWEGO – As the temperature drops, heating costs rise for all New Yorkers. With the need to turn up the thermostat comes an impossible choice, pay to keep their homes at a safe temperature or buy the groceries they need to stay healthy.

For New Yorkers facing this decision, SNAP could make it possible to do both.

SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp program, is a monthly supplement to one’s food budget. It can help a family or individual stretch their grocery money further.

People who participate in the program are given a special debit card called an EBT card that is used to buy groceries.

SNAP is a program much like Social Security and is funded by the taxes paid by everyone.

Because SNAP dollars are spent at local grocery stores and bodegas, SNAP is helping both the residents of our community and the businesses that serve them.

For every SNAP dollar spent, $1.84 is generated back into the local economy.

With SNAP, lower income families, children, veterans, and older adults will be able to buy the nutritious foods they need to stay strong and healthy through the winter months while keeping the heat on.

Anyone in Oswego County interested in getting more information about SNAP or getting a free and confidential prescreening to find out if they may be eligible to participate should contact the Food Bank of Central New York’s Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) coordinator, Heidi Webb, at 1-866-839-7304 ext. 273.