Heat Or Eat? You Don’t Have To Choose!

OSWEGO, NY – Local residents are bracing themselves for a long, cold winter. And with colder temperatures, there will be high heating costs.

This places a strain on our entire community, especially moderate to lower income families.

These households are left with less money for necessities like groceries.

Fortunately, food stamps can help local residents stretch their monthly budgets.

The Food Stamp Program is a federal entitlement program, similar to Social Security.

Everyone who applies and is determined to be eligible will receive food stamp benefits.

This means that our families, seniors, veterans, and more will be able to buy the nutritious foods they need to stay strong and healthy through the winter months.

And there’s more.

Food Stamps are 100% federally funded.

There is no state or local contributions toward the cost of benefits.

In 2008, the Food Stamp Program brought in $2.5 billion in federal dollars into New York State’s economy and local grocery stores.

In this way, the Food Stamp Program is benefiting all of us.

Additionally, for every $1 spent in food stamps in our community, $1.84 is generated in economic revenue!

Increasing food stamp participation makes economic sense for both communities and families.

By taking advantage of available food stamp benefits, families may not have to make the choice between food and fuel.

For more information contact the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program at Catholic Charities of Oswego County, 598-3980.

Angela Smith, coordinator
Nutrition Outreach and Education Program
Catholic Charities of Oswego County