Heather Ladd – Write-In Candidate for Hannibal School Board of Education

To The Editor:

Tomorrow, May 16, is the day to vote on the Hannibal school budget and elect three people for seats on the board of education.

As a reminder, the vote is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the District Office.

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Heather Ladd

I encourage anyone who resides within the Hannibal School District to go out and vote tomorrow.

I, Heather Ladd, am running for a seat on the board of education as a write-in candidate. I ask for the support of my community as a write-in candidate.

I was raised in Hannibal and attended the school district from K-12.

I graduated in 2006.

I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from SUNY Oswego.

I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Social Work.

I am a current employee of the Oswego County Department of Social Services as a social welfare examiner.

I see first-hand the levels of wealth, poverty and disparity among the county and in the community of Hannibal.

I also serve on the Oswego County Community Services Board.

I believe I would make an excellent board member as I am eager to listen to students, staff and district residents.

I have the drive and motivation to work to find a solution and collaborate with other Board members for a solution.

I want to help reduce unnecessary spending, and spend our funding wisely so our students may receive the maximum educational benefit.

I believe I can and will bring a unique point of view to the board.

Also, bring a new, fresh and youthful perspective to the board and to the community.

I know I face tough decisions, challenges and questions.

I am fully ready to take those on.

My commitment will allow me to put the needs of all students and members of our community first.

I believe new ideas should be put to the board on how to better spend the state aid and tax money in more efficient ways and still have the same results.

We do not need unrealistic budgets put at the community.

Budgeting is key.

Defining needs and wants and what prioritizes over another.

I believe this experience can be brought to the board to help cut down costs and lessen taxes.

Put more of a focus on the needs and disparities within the schools.

I believe the community should have more say and more influence on the district’s doings as their hard-earned tax dollars goes towards it.

There is a very low level of community involvement and low level of attendance to school board meetings.

On May 3, for the budget and board meeting there was approximately seven residents in attendance.

I am hoping to bring forth some ideas to help curb the bullying epidemic that is in our schools.

School is meant to be a safe place to be, not a place where they should be in fear.

I believe there should be more security on the students’ behalf.

I believe the security of our students and promoting a safer environment for them to attend, would help lower the rates of bullying and promote better education.

Please go out and take the time to vote tomorrow.

Every vote counts and the community deserves to be heard.

As a reminder, you do not have to be a homeowner to vote.

You can be a renter, or a person living with other family members or friends, you are still able to vote!

If you are over the age of 18 and can verify your residence, you can vote!

You do not have to be registered to vote either.

Heather Ladd
Hannibal, NY.