Heidi Allen Hearing Prolonged Pending DNA Results

OSWEGO, NY – Prosecutors in the Heidi Allen hearing wrapped up their final witnesses today (April 7), but a DNA test on a knife found in Michael Bohrer’s former home in 2014 could take up to 30 days to return with results, further prolonging the wrap up of the hearing that could define the future of Gary Thibodeau, the man prosecuted for her disappearance in 1994.

Thibodeau has been behind bars for Allen’s abduction for 21 years.

He and public defenders Lisa Peebles and Randi Bianco are looking to Acting Oswego County Judge Daniel King to overturn his 1995 conviction because of evidence they believe could implicate three other men: Michael Bohrer, Roger Breckenridge and James Steen.

King heard a handful of the prosecutions witnesses today, including that of Darron Vecchio, the man that says he built the cabin off Rice Road where it was implicated early in the hearing Heidi Allen might be buried.

Vecchio testified the cabin structure collapsed sometime in 1994.

It was determined no human remains were found at the cabin.

Despite prosecution being done with its witnesses, there may still be testimony to be heard, including that of John Bohrer, the brother of Michael Bohrer.

Peebles filed a motion very late Monday afternoon asking Judge King to consider him as a witness.

Peebles maintains John Bohrer’s testimony is crucial because it was discovered that John Borer was a resident in New Haven in 1994 during Allen’s kidnapping.

Peebles said John Bohrer’s living at Spinners Motel with Michael Bohrer in New Haven in 1994 is significant in the hearing, as it implicates a possible planned kidnapping that resembles the attempted abduction of a Milwaukee woman in 1981, for which Michael Bohrer was convicted.

The victim he attempted to kidnap, Catherine Schmitt, may also testify.

Judge King ruled earlier in the hearing that Bohrer’s conviction at that time was only marginally relevant to the kidnapping of Allen.

The court will issue a determination Friday regarding the motion to hear John Bohrer and Catherine Schmitt.