Heidi Allen’s Family Encouraged By Community

By Lisa Buske

NEW HAVEN, NY – Ongoing road construction along State Route 104 in the town of New Haven continues to discourage motorists.

Lisa Buske, Heidi Allen's sister, and Jim Searles, Heidi Allen's, uncle, visit the community garden.
Lisa Buske, Heidi Allen's sister, and Jim Searles, Heidi Allen's, uncle, visit the community garden.

A year ago, the Community Garden in memory of Heidi Allen at the intersection of State Route 104 and State Route 104B was both an eye sore and discouragement both to the community and family of Heidi Allen.

She was abducted from this same address 16 years ago this past April.

The management of Sun Up #7 and Barrett Paving have blessed the community and family to restore the yard and Community Garden.

Barrett Paving donated to deep purple lilacs on either side of the star with Sun Up #7 providing a new commemorative plaque placed on a new pedestal, which is easier for those passing through to read.

Both companies also worked to landscape, planting much needed grass seed while also clearing the garden itself of overgrowth due to being fenced in for so many months during construction.

Barrett Paving and Sun Up #7 contacted Heidi Allen’s parents requesting permission to take on this project as a way to encourage the family, letting them know the community hasn’t forgotten.

Yet it was the family who has been encouraged and filled with the hope as both companies and the individuals working within worked so hard to restore the garden.

The garden is there to remember Heidi yet it symbolizes the heart of New Haven – community members, companies and families coming together to express care and concern for their neighbors.

Sue Allen said, “There is hope. People haven’t forgotten. We could never thank everyone enough from the mystery ladies who have weeded in years past to the companies stepping forward this year. Thank you doesn’t express how thankful we are.”

Heidi Allen
Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen was kidnapped on April 3, 1994, from D & W Convenience store while working alone.

The family has hope there are individuals out there that have information that will help to bring Heidi home and provide the closure to this case in their lifetimes.

The garden reminds the family there are wonderful people in the world praying and caring for them.

This helps them hold out hope to know where Heidi is.

“Anyone who may have been in the area of the convenience store at or around the time of her abduction or anyone who has any information on the case is asked to contact the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office by e-mail, or by phone at one of the following numbers: 1-888-349-3411, 1-800-724-8477 or 315-349-3411.”

The above paragraph was copied from http://www.co.oswego.ny.us/sheriff/allen.html  – the Oswego County Sheriff Department’s website.

Lisa Busker is Heidi Allen’s sister.

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  1. Heidi Allen is immortal. A sad memorial, certainly. But she will not be forgotten in the life-time of those who lived and continue to live while she is lost to her family and community. As long as people talk about her, and remember. A community garden is, of course, a nice reminder of a young woman who left much too soon!

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