Heidi Allen’s Sister Issues Statement on Behalf of Family

Heidi Allen’s sister, Lisa Buske, read the following statement today from the family regarding the developments in the 20-year-old case of the missing teen.

They are still waiting for more information while authorities search the area where a lawyer said Heidi’s body may possibly be.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with all of you on behalf of the family. Last week, with less than ten minute’s notice, we were thrust back to the emotional roller coaster of April 3, 1994.

Our goal today is the same as it was then, to find Heidi and bring her home.

We would like to thank the majority of media for respecting the family’s privacy and need for time to process all that is happening. We are reading and waiting along with the rest of you.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

A friend, whose sister has been missing nearly as long as Heidi wrote to say, “This looks like a fasten your seatbelts and hang on kind of roller coaster.’

I read with tears and laughter at the same time. Tears because she was exactly right and laughter because very few truly understand the depth and magnitude of events like this.

It’s been less than a week since a reporter walked onto my parents’ steps to pour salt into an open wound and the hurt, grief, and pain of twenty years ago returned as we listened to the horrific words she shared.

Within minutes from leaving my parents’ driveway, the first of many articles were published.

We understand Heidi’s disappearance and case are news yet to us, this is more than a story, it’s our Heidi.

I believe a vast majority of the community would agree, Heidi is more than a missing person poster or case number, she was a young, energetic, and loving person. Her smile captivated your heart the first time you met her. She remains missing and is forever my only sister, my parent’s youngest child, and family and friend to many.

We don’t know what will become of this recent search or documents being filed at the court house.

One thing we do know, we value and trust law enforcement, the judges, and jury who have dedicated countless hours to find Heidi and ensure justice.

We appreciate the medical examiners, doctors, investigators, and those we may not realize that are determined to bring Heidi home with truth, integrity, and compassion. I’m not judge or jury, I’m merely Heidi’s sister…waiting to hear just like all of you.

As we wait, we thank all of you, and those watching or reading.

We know our grief, is your grief. We are grateful for the encouragement, support, and love you all have for Heidi and our family. We know Heidi was special and the outpouring of support, even twenty years later is evidence of this. As you pray for Heidi and us, know we are also thanking God for each of you and praying for you too – that we all have strength, hope, and peace as we all wait together.

Time will tell, until then…There is always hope for Heidi!

Lisa Buske


  1. Your community is behind you, and your family is in our prayers throughout this ordeal (past and present). Although no one should have to go through this, and I know everyone I know has said the same, at least this way, you can move forward with happy memories of Heidi eventually superimposing these sad, sad ones someday soon.

    Oswego, NY

  2. Dear Jesus all I ask from you is to please guide ,comfort,peace and quietness in Jesus name A M E N !

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