Help Keep Fire Hydrants Clear And Visible

OSWEGO, NY – Once again, the Oswego Fire Department is asking Oswego residents, if possible, to keep their hydrants clear of snow.

“We were forced due to heavy snowfall and poor visibility to pull the crews in this morning for safety reasons. When it clears and becomes safe again, we will resume clearing hydrants and are getting to them as fast as we can,” said Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie. “Also, if your neighborhood hydrant does not have a hydrant marker or it is not visible, please mark it with a stick, flag, or something to help us locate it in an emergency.”

The chief thanks all those residents throughout the city who make an extra and special effort to clear their neighborhood fire hydrant.

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  1. I would also like to thank the residents who clear their hydrants. The city has about 900 of them, and it takes quite a while to get to them all. Crews have been out every day shoveling, and we’ll continue to do so!

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