Help Locate Missing Family Pet

Please: Help find Shilo

OSWEGO, NY – Please help me find my cat.

If you have seen Shilo call 315-592-1762.

She is a female Siamese lynx point.

She was last seen Wednesday (June 1) around East Seventh Street and East Utica Street.


  1. Owners should place an article of un-washed clothing or something else familiar to thier cat outside in their yard or on a porch. Oftentimes the lost pet will recognize the scent and simply return & lay upon it if within the immediate area, especially if they’re tired of eating garbage…or not at all. Worth a shot. Good luck!

  2. to add to the other comment, Keep putting food out also, the cat will be afraid if not used to being out side.but will come to the food.and if you can keep the door open when your home.
    My daughter lost her cat for about 2 months, she kept the food out and one day she didn’t have a change to put the food out , and she went to the door, opened it and the cat walked in. Good luck, I hope she comes home soon.

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