Heritage Foundation To Host 36th Annual House Tour In Pulaski

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OSWEGO, NY – The 36th Annual House Tour sponsored by the Heritage Foundation of Oswego County will be held Sunday, Sept. 28 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the village of Pulaski.

This year’s tour will feature 10 sites, including nine historic properties.

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The Heritage Foundation of Oswego County will host the 36th Annual House Tour on Sept. 28 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the village of Pulaski. Among the sites featured is the historic 1830s Young residence known as Woodlawn at 4677 Salina St.

Advance tickets are available now at the river’s end bookstore at 19 W. Bridge St., Oswego and Designs of Elegance at 3891 State Route 13 in Pulaski.

“This is another milestone year for the Heritage Foundation of Oswego County, as we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pulaski Village Historic District,” said Justin White, president. “The annual house tour event has highlighted the historic properties throughout the county for more than three decades. Over the years, the tour has showcased that historic preservation is alive and well in Oswego County. This event offers the community an opportunity to view in person the wonderful private and public landmarks that make our communities unique and special.”

The Heritage Foundation’s goal of protecting local landmarks is reflected in the extraordinary efforts of all the property owners, both public and private, to preserve the historical integrity of their properties.

Among the private residences on the tour is the Young residence known as Woodlawn at 4677 Salina St.

This is fine example of early-19th century Federal style architecture that has been extensively restored.

The Finnerty residence at 4773 Salina St. is an early Greek Revival farmhouse that has been renovated from an apartment house and returned to a single family residence.

The Sposato residence at 5 Glen Ave. dates to the 1830s and is another rare example of the Federal style in Oswego County with remarkable restoration work.

The Han’Lee House at 4912 N. Jefferson St. was built in the 1890s and is one of the finest Queen Anne style houses in the village.

The contemporary 21st century Gilson residence at 54 River View Road offers fine views of the Salmon River and will be an added bonus.

One of the most unique buildings ever opened for the tour is the Selkirk Lighthouse located just outside the village in the town of Richland.

Located on Lake Ontario, the historic lighthouse has been a community icon for generations.

“This lighthouse is celebrating 170 years of history, having been built in 1838. It is the older of the two lighthouses in Oswego County and is an excellent example of adaptive reuse of a historic landmark,” said White. “Buildings such as the lighthouse and the historic downtown district of this community make it unique. Pulaski has an amazing variety of historic and architectural heritage to be proud of.”

The impressive 19th century Italianate mansion at 19 Lake St., built by James Clark, will also be featured on the tour.

The Clark house is now home to the Salmon River Fine Arts Center and still retains its interior grandeur from the Victorian age.

The Pulaski Baptist Church at 7 Bridge St. with its unique Romanesque design will be open for the tour and a special organ recital will take place at 4 p.m.

The H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse located on South Park at Bridge and Jefferson streets will be featured as well.

This historic landmark has been a centerpiece of the community since 1859.

The restored courthouse and courtroom rarely open for view will be opened to the public.

These three properties are part of the historic district and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition, this year’s tour features an optional luncheon to be held in the River House Restaurant at 4818 Salina St.

The luncheon will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., preceding the start of the house tour.

This will be an opportunity for tour participants to enjoy a special dining experience along the beautiful Salmon River corridor.

The specially prepared menu will contain breakfast and lunch options.

Regular tickets for the house tour are $12, while the tour with luncheon tickets are $25.

Presale tickets will be for sale right through the day before the tour at the river’s end bookstore in Oswego and Designs of Elegance in Pulaski.

Tour tickets will also be available the day of the tour at the Pulaski Historical Society at 3428 Maple Ave., which will also be open to visitors.

The historical society features multiple exhibits that highlight the village past.

The Heritage Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and protection of the historic, architectural and environmental resources in Oswego County.

For more information about the tour call the Heritage Foundation office at 342-3354.