Hide and Seek!

To The Editor:
We all remember that game when we were kids. Hide and Seek is played in government as you all know.

I feel a need to let you know just how I found the most recent hidden item.

Recently, the 911 Center requested an update to the Pictometry System.

The costs of the update (that may be outdated one month after being done) is $198,000.

This system is used by several agencies and should be performed every five years at least.

This is similar to the same system that is used when you use Google Maps and can see a street side view and it costs nothing.

Now during my investigation of this resolution and the possible spending of your tax dollars, I found something interesting.

I contacted one of our sister counties to see what they use.

I found that they do use the same system but there is a state system that could also be used.

I also found that they had just completed such a study last year and stated the only drawback was that it could be outdated a week after completion or even before the flyover is completed.

The big discovery was that there was a grant available to perform the update which would save the Oswego County taxpayers $198,000.

When the question about the application for a grant was asked the answer will make you sit up and say really or maybe just say S.O.S.

The County 911 center had applied for that grant and had been awarded that grant!

Asking why then are we asking to take money out of a Capital Reserve to create a Capital Project.?

Here it comes: In the fine print of the use of the grant money there is a clause that states the grant money may be used to pay salaries.

So instead of using that money to pay for the updated Pictometry they used that money to pay the salary of the workers in the 911 center.

Does that mean every year the 911 center applies for grants to pay the salary of our employees in the 911 Center?

That means they are hiding the true costs to operate the center.

When you start applying for grants to meet your everyday costs you should take a real hard look at what is coming next.

That along with the fact that: A month into the New Year and we are already starting to take money out of the reserves and fund balance to cover costs.

You have heard lately of “Fake News.”

Well, welcome to “Fake Budget 2017!”

Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District

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