High School Bowling Teams Recognition

Congratulations to our high school boy and girl bowling teams for their outstanding achievements in their participation in the Section III competition. Both teams were league champions.

The boys finished in the top five and the girls finished number one in the sectionals earning the girls a trip to the state finals.

Special recognition to the girl’s bowling team in winning the Section III championship for the last two years and competing in the state championships. The Lady Raiders finished in 5th place, competing against the 11 best teams in NYS. In state competition, some of the teams come from bigger schools with larger enrollment.

The members of the team are Kylie Clifford, Jasmin Denson, Kate Ely, Megan Guernsey, Mikayla Guernsey, Haley Noel, Danielle Rupert and Kendra Tryniski.

Individually, Mikayla Guernsey who comes from a bowling family had the second highest score among all the bowlers. Those of us who have or are presently bowling can understand how difficult it is to achieve the high numbers that she records — Averaged over 235 with a total pin fall of 1,412 over six games. Her high game was 259.

Mike Tryniski, who comes from a bowling family and is a former professional bowler on tour, is the coach of both bowling teams and the owner operator of Lakeview Lanes.

Of special note, the bowling team competes with little fan-fare, no cheerleaders or bleachers full of fans. What they have is the support of parents and friends. Their dedication and skills is their showcase.

We appreciate their competing for their school and community.

Bob & Sandy Weston