High School Grass is ‘Shameful’, Says Board President

The President of the Fulton Board of Education says the quality of the grass outside G. Ray Bodley High School is “shameful”.

Robbin Griffin’s strong complaint came as officials reviewed the final bits of information on the district’s $23.7 million construction project that was approved by voters in 2007.

The entrance to the high school was rebuilt and the plaza leading up to it was reshaped.  One of the last acts of the reshaping was to reseed the ground of the plaza, which had been torn up during construction.

Griffin said she saw “far more weeds than grass” in the plaza.

Jerry Seguin, the district official in charge of the construction projects, told Griffin that each time the landscape architect tried to seed the ground, weather conditions interfered.  “We’re just going to have to reseed that area in the spring,” he said.

The explanation wasn’t enough for Griffin, whose criticism of the landscape architect was strong.  “I do a better job of seeding,” she said, adding that weeds “shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  We paid for grass.”

She said she would remember the landscape architectural firm’s name.

It’s the last problem for the 2007 project, which brought improvements to every school district building and rebuilt the athletic complex.

Mistakes made in trying to find asbestos at the athletic complex slowed the installation of a turf field, lighting and stands.  The field was unusable for an entire school year, forcing the football and track teams to play home games and meets at other schools.

The district expects the project to be closed by the end of the year.  The project is about $10,000 under budget.  The surplus may grow as final bills from contractors are negotiated.  The district could use the excess to pick up a small item that had been dropped from the project earlier.


  1. If Ms Griffin feels she can do a better job then maybe
    in the spring she should do just that. Why is it so hard
    for her to understand WEATHER CONDITIONS played
    a part in it not being completed? You don’t just throw
    seed down and presto a lush, full lawn .

  2. Well as usual the board is worried about weeds in the grass when they should be as worried about the wasteful spending on educating those that don’t want it. ie: alternative ed students at taxpayers expense.

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