STORM UPDATE 2:30 p.m. High Winds, Rain Damage Fulton School, Several County Properties

Photo: Joe Falcetti
Oswego residence damaged by fallen tree.

Waves crash over the Oswego Lighthouse Monday morning , October 30. (Bill Foley Photo)Waves crash over the Oswego Lighthouse Monday morning , October 30. (Bill Foley Photo)


OSWEGO COUNTY – Heavy rainfall overnight Sunday into Monday (Oct. 30) has resulted in road closures throughout Oswego County due to flooding, with many of the issues occurring in the towns of Sandy Creek and Richland.

Sandy Creek Town Supervisor Nancy Ridgeway declared a local state of emergency at 10 a.m. due to flooding issues.

The Town of Sandy Creek has closed eight roads due to flooding this morning and has announced another 15 are compromised. The Town of Richland reports four roads are closed.

Roads in the Town of Sandy Creek that are closed due to flooding include: Tryon Road, Hinman Road, Weaver Road, Hadley Road, Norton Road, Edwards Road, Kiblin Shores Road, and Kehoe Road. The following roads in the Town of Sandy Creek are compromised: Center Road, Snyder Road, Bremm Road, Button Road, Cummins Road, Fraser Road, Carr Road, Hilton Road, Rainbow Shores Road, Waful Tract, South Ave., Sand Road, Skinner Road, Paye Road, and Henderson Road.

In the Town of Richland, Halsey Road, Lehigh Road, Atkinson Road, and North Herrick Road are closed due to flooding.

In the Town of Oswego, Lakeshore Road is closed at the swamp, Bunker Hill Road is closed at County Route 20 and Cemetery Road, and West Lake Road is closed at the pond one-mile northeast of County Route 20 due to flooding. Hall Road east of the Chapel Road intersection is closed as the road has been undermined by flooding.

The local state of emergency declared for the Town of Sandy Creek is in accordance with the New York State Executive Law Article 2-B. “The conditions in the town today are a threat to public safety,” Town Supervisor Ridgeway said.

“The storm system traveling up the east coast has resulted in many issues for Oswego County,” said Oswego County Emergency Management Director Dale A. Currier. “The rain has stopped for most of the county, and the water is beginning to recede. However, the high winds that are expected to continue throughout this afternoon are causing additional power outages. The high winds on Lake Ontario are expected to cause shoreline flooding along the lake shore as well.”

National Grid has reported scattered power outages throughout the county; many of them on the western side.

“The Town of Sandy Creek, including the Town Highway Department, is working diligently to ensure the safety of the public on our local roads,” Town Supervisor Ridgeway said. “People should be very careful driving through the town and avoid any roads that are either flooded or blocked off.”

“The rain has stopped and the situation in the Town of Richland is improving,” Richland Deputy Town Supervisor Kern Yerdon said. “But conditions are still hazardous, and we urge people to pay attention to their surroundings and avoid driving on flooded roads.”

The Oswego County E-911 Center has received reports of road closures from throughout Oswego County, with the hardest-hit areas being Sandy Creek, Richland and surrounding areas.

Miner Road in the Town of Scriba is washed out, and a sink hole has developed on County Route 14 in the Town of Granby.

“People should be especially careful traveling around Oswego County today,” Currier said. “Drivers should never drive through flood waters, and should not drive around barriers for any reason. There may be hazards under the water or on the roadway you can’t see.”

The National Weather Service – Buffalo Forecast Office issued a flood warning for Oswego County until noon today. A high wind warning remains in effect in the county until 5 p.m., and a lakeshore flood warning is in effect for the municipalities along Lake Ontario until 8 p.m. today (Oct. 30).


FULTON, NY – Oswego County has seen rain and wind throughout the weekend and into Monday with Oswego County under a Flood Warning, High Wind Warning, and Lakeshore Flood Warning, each expiring at different times throughout the day.

Oswego County 911 dispatch has been inundated with calls of fallen trees and limbs and downed power lines throughout the county closing multiple roads and damaging several properties.

Photo: Joe Falcetti
Oswego residence damaged by fallen tree.

All Oswego County schools have remained open, despite a Fulton resident’s video showing a tree fallen on a power line outside Lanigan Elementary School in Fulton. (See video below)

Superintendent of Schools Brian Pulvino said a tree fell on a power line on the parking lot side of Lanigan Elementary causing power outage in parts of the building at roughly 8:20 a.m.

Principal Jeff Hendrickson used the school’s Facebook page and messenger email system to explain the circumstances surrounding the storm related damages to parents of students.

A tree fell on a wire supplying electricity to Lanigan. National Grid is cutting our power now and making repairs. We anticipate power will be on by 11:00. Today’s lunches will be PBJ or tuna sub. Everyone is safe and the kids have been doing a great job dealing with our flickering lights. They should have a good story to tell!” a Facebook post revealed at roughly 9:30 a.m.

At just after 10 a.m., Pulvino said National Grid and the tree service were both on site to handle the situation, at which time power was cut from the building to work on the scene. Full power is anticipated to be restored within the hour.

“It’s going well over there. They are in process of restoring power now and the kids are all safe, secure, and doing fine. We have a lunch plan worked out and we will continue monitoring that situation closely,” Pulvino said.

No other schools throughout the district were facing storm related issues, he added.

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