Historical Society To Host Ghost Hunter

HANNIBAL, NY – On March 26 at 7 p.m., at the Hannibal Community Center on Oswego Street, the Hannibal Historical Society will host Stacey Jones, the founder and president of CNY Ghost Hunters.

She was a participant in a visit to Suzie’s Quick Mart in downtown Hannibal.

Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones

Suzie’s video cameras had picked up paranormal activity within the store and invited CNY Ghost Hunters to visit. 
Stacey has been interested in ghosts since childhood, after hearing of her mother’s paranormal experience.

Stacey’s grandfather had appeared before Stacey’s mother in front of a room full of students.

Stacey’s mother was the only person in the room to see him.

Stacey’s interest in ghosts was further established when she worked as a police investigator for the Department of Defense in New York City.

“Cops tell stories of hauntings and paranormal activities to each other, but don’t reveal these incidents to the public,” she noted.
CNY Ghost Hunters began in 1995 and was the first and now the largest ghost-hunting group in New York State.

Stacy has appeared on the Discovery Channel and has lectured at colleges and universities throughout the country.
The meeting is open to the public and refreshments will be served.