History Repeats Itself For Oswego Middle School Musicians, Singers

OSWEGO, NY – On June 3, the Oswego Middle School String Orchestra and Chorus traveled to perform and compete at the Darien Lake Music Festival competition at Six Flags Darien Lake.

This is the second consecutive year that the OMS Orchestra has been awarded the Grand Champions Trophy.

Proud OMS students displayed the trophies that were won at the annual Darien Lake Music Festival. Holding the trophies (from left) are Robbie Bruce, Mariah Metcalf and Mark Forger.
Proud OMS students displayed the trophies that were won at the annual Darien Lake Music Festival. Holding the trophies (from left) are Robbie Bruce, Mariah Metcalf and Mark Forger.

The Grand Champion honor has been earned by the orchestra in nine of the last 12 years.

Orchestra Director Deb Mazurek said, “The predominant comments by the judges were that the orchestra achieved a ‘full and balanced sound’ which they were particularly impressed with considering how large the orchestra is.  The judges also mentioned the ‘superior musicianship’ with which the orchestra performed.”

The OMS string orchestra performed three pieces for an enthusiastic audience, which included two judges.

The OMS Orchestra consists of 68 string students and was joined by Jordan Crapser on drum set.

The Orchestra was awarded a ‘Superior with Distinction’ trophy as well as the Grand Champions trophy in their division for their combined score of 96.7 performing Vivaldi’s “Allegro in D”, “Wood Splitters Fanfare”, and “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.

The Oswego Middle School Strings Orchestra
The Oswego Middle School Strings Orchestra

Members of the award-winning orchestra include Victoria Armet, Jenna Ballard, Kayla Becksted, Clifford Bough, Tim Boyzuck, Katherine Breezee, Joey Burnett, Ayla Busch, Miranda Clary, Isabella Elkins, Dakota Ellis, Alexis Elmer, Brooke Farnsworth, Ashton Flint, Mark Forger, Sophia Horn, Caitlyn Johndrew, Paige Kieper, Noah Lee, Mariah Metcalf, Alex Monahan, Emily Oldenburg, Taylor Peterson, Ashley Pickhardt, Justin Pospesel, Elaina Rando, Claire Richardson, Kiana Senke, Emily Strzelinski, Abigail Thompson, Sabrina Winslow, Katelyn Wise and Adrianna Zagame.

The other members of the group include Kaylee Baldwin, Gabriela Castiglia, Christopher Chalifoux, Benjamin Chatterton, Mitchell Cook, Erin Delaney, Patrick Dillon, Tyler Dominick, Avery Gump, Jacob Hansel, Andrew Hook, Jared Jaquin, Julia Lavery, Nicholas Lewis, Mayraliz Lopez, Chelsea MacDougall, Brianna McIntosh, Erin Meehan, Karl Mosbo, Jessie Murray, Erik Neacosia, Andrew Osetek, Reilly Patrick, Chloe Patterson, Angela Rookey, Mariel Schickling, Connor Sheffield, Ryan Smith, Jonathon Stevens, Christopher Sullivan, Andrew Thompson and Benjamin Whelsky.

The Oswego Middle School Chorus consists of more than 100 seventh and eighth grade students.

For the third year in a row, the students have won first place in their division.

The Oswego Middle School Chorus
The Oswego Middle School Chorus

This year, they scored a 98.55 performing pieces such as “Danny Boy,” the African folk tune “Bonse Aba” and a gospel rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

They barely edged out second place Sodus by one-tenth of a point.

Other choruses, bands, and orchestras from Central and Western New York competed in the festival as well.

It was noted that one of the many complimentary comments by the judges was, “You sound as good as many high school groups.”

Seventh graders participating in the chorus are Brynn Adner, Victoria Armet, Jenna Ballard, Kayla Becksted, Christopher Boni, Tomothy Boyzuck, Katherine Breezee, Amber Canbek, Amber Cavallier, Eric Clyne, Caitlin Cole, Jordan Crapser, Alexis Daniels, Paige Daniels, Shannon Darrah, Sara Delbrocco, Jordan DeSantis, Trisha Ditton, Dakota Ellis, Claudia Engle, Jade Estro, Brooke Farnsworth, Olivia Flint, MarkForger, Taylor Green, Kristin Gurule, Joshua Hill, Nicholas Hurlbutt, Paige Kieper, Sydnie Leroy, Calista Lloyd, Cheyenne Malone, Hayley Masuicca, Shaylen McChesney, AidanMcGreevy, Natasha Mezza, Adrianna Munyon, Jake Myers, Amber Nettles, Kyra O’Gorman, Emily Oldenburg, Kyle Osmun, Taylor Peterson, Justin Pospesel, Ashley Richmond, Shyann Roberts, Anna Rosario, Nathaniel Sanaker, Kiana Senke, Katrina Sharkey, Nicholas Smegelsky, Megan Smith, Kelci Somers, Audrey Standish, Emily Strzelinski, Abigail Thompson, Kyle Topley, Chris Van Gorder, Alyssa Wahrendorf, Matthew Weller and Michael Woolworth.

Eighth grade members of the award winning chorus include Mckenna Bahner, Collin Ballou, Kaira Benway, Alexis Bivens, Erica Bivens, Krysta Broeker, Robert Bruce, Rebecca Danner, Erin Delaney, Emily Domicolo, Merry Dowling, Heather Eastman, Grace Gilbert, Hannah Griffin, Taylor Hamer, Abbe Hammond, Derrick Johnson, Leah Shay Jones, Bradley Lupien, Chelsea MacDougall, Avian Maniccia, Nicole McCarthy, Benjamin McCrobie, Keeghan McSweeney, Jordyn Morris, Lillian Motyka, Courtney Osmun, Kylie Pelkey, Rachael Purtell, Haleigh Rahn, Ryan Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Robert Swan III, Kayla Swenszkowski, Johnna Trombolillo, Rebecca Victory, Nikolas Whiteside and Monica Wilson.

After the performance, the students enjoyed a fun-filled day in the park culminating with the awards assembly where they were presented with their certificates of a Superior – With – Distinction rating and their trophies.

Directors Paul Brewster, Paula McKenney-Myers, and Mazurek, said they were “very proud of their students not only for their performances, but for representing Oswego with their excellent behavior, supportive character and teamwork.”

“The trophies are just the icing on the cake. The goal is excellence on every level, and the Oswego Middle School Chorus and String Orchestra achieved that,” the teachers continued.