Hoffman Blasts Growing Deficit As Death Sentence Of Debt

Doug Hoffman, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress (NY-23) today blasted the Democratic controlled Congress and the Obama administration for what he termed a “death sentence of debt” that is strangling the economy and fiscal well being of this nation. The Essex County CPA and small businessman made his comments in response to the White House announcement that the federal deficit will jump by $ 9 trillion over the next decade.

Doug Hoffman said: “The news out of Washington is shocking! When will the Democrats in Congress realize that every time the deficit grows we are destroying the financial well-being of this nation and its people? This is a death sentence of debt that will literally kill the economy of the United States. Over the course of three months we have seen the estimates of the 10 year deficit leap frog by $1.9 trillion from an estimate of $7.1 trillion in May. Under these projections, measured as a share of the nation’s economic output, public debt will be 76.5% of the gross domestic product by 2019. Anyone with a shred of common sense understands this nation cannot sustain this level of debt.”

This year’s 56% is the highest percentage in the last half century and the first time it has exceeded 50% since the end of World War II.

Hoffman continued: “What is even more disturbing is that this type of wild spending is not isolated in Washington. It’s been going on in Albany too. Assemblywoman Scozzafava and her ultra-liberal cohorts in the Working Families Party are all part of the problem. Their spending spree has pushed New York State taxpayers to the breaking point. The debt they have created have sent taxes through roof and driven jobs and people from the Empire State.

If we want to stop this downward spiral we must act now. Like any American family, both the federal and state government must learn to live within their means. In Congress, I will fight for this common sense approach to governance and I call on my opponents to pledge to do the same.”

For more information on Doug Hoffman and his campaign for Congress please visit: www.doughoffmanforcongress.com