Hoffman Blasts Spending & Debt

Doug Hoffman, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress (NY-23), today marked the New York State Cost of Government Day at twin news conferences in front of the State Office Building in Watertown and the Federal Office Building in Plattsburgh. Hoffman was flanked by charts which illustrate the real effect that runaway spending has on the taxpayers of New York. In his remarks, Hoffman, an Essex County CPA and small businessman, called runaway spending and ever-growing deficits “the one-two punch that is knocking-out the American economy” and repeated his call for his opponents to sign the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) pledge against raising taxes.

Doug Hoffman said: “From January 1st to today, eight full months, is the time it takes for average New Yorkers to pay for the runaway spending that career politicians in Albany and Washington are foisting on the taxpayers of our state. Spending and deficits are the one-two punch that is knocking-out the American economy. It’s a fact, spending and deficits result in the increased taxes, permits, and fees that are breaking the back of the average New Yorker.

“Eight full months to pay for the excesses of big government,… and for the pet projects of career politicians. Residents of only two other states (Connecticut and New Jersey) spend more time to reach this dubious goal.

“Two weeks ago today, I challenged my opponents, Dede Scozzafava and Bill Owens, to join me in signing the ATR pledge against new taxes. They refused!

“The reason they refuse to sign is they are addicted to government spending. They know they can’t sign the pledge. Dede Scozzafava is a professional politician, who, for nearly a decade, has been part of the failed state legislature in Albany. A legislature that has voted for increased spending, taxes and debt. This strategy has killed jobs and has seen unemployment rise as businesses and people leave upstate New York.

“Bill Owens won’t sign for fear of alienating Nancy Pelosi and his other ultra-liberal patrons in Washington. They both know that if elected they will break the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge.

“New Yorkers and Americans need to realize that the only way to cut the cost of government is at the ballot box. We need elected officials who will take a stand and say NO to increased spending, bigger deficits and higher taxes. That is why I am running for Congress.”

The date of Cost of Government Day is calculated by counting the number of days it takes the average taxpayer to pay federal, state and local taxes combined with the cost of government regulation. For further information on Cost of Government Day and the ATR pledge please visit: www.atr.org .