Hoffman Names Campaign Team

Doug Hoffman, the conservative Republican running for Congress (NY-23), today announced key members of his campaign team. The Essex County CPA and small businessman “rolled out” a team of nationally recognized campaign operatives that he said “will give my campaign the know-how, strategy and resources to win this election.”

The team consists of:

Tom Slater, TLS Associates, Lead Consultant: Tom Slater brings over 40 years of experience to the Hoffman Campaign. Tom, who is based in Clifton Park, N.Y., has honed his campaign skills working on everything from local to national races, including House seats, U.S. Senate, and Presidential campaigns. He also has extensive experience serving as a consultant in European Parliamentary elections. From 1977-1992 Tom served as the Political Director for the N.Y. State Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Tom will be overseeing all areas of the campaign with a focus on: strategy, grassroots organization and message.

John McLaughlin, McLaughlin and Associates, Pollster: For over a quarter of a century John has provided polling and strategic consulting to a “who’s who” of both national and internationally known clients in both the political and corporate worlds. His Blauvelt, N.Y. firm has served as pollster for a wide range of candidates and elected officials including former House Speaker Denny Hastert, Steve Forbes and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also serves a consultant to CBS NEWS RADIO and MTV. John’s firm will serve as campaign pollster and as a senior advisor on strategy and message. (please visit: www.mclaughlinonline.com )

Dan Odescalchi, Strategic Advantage International, Senior Advisor New Media: Dan brings to the campaign a wide range of skills that focus on the internet and its use in the race. Dan, who is based in the Hudson Valley, has extensive campaign experience within the U.S. and with political parties and candidates in emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has served as a consultant to two Prime Ministers of Hungary. His use of cutting edge technologies will allow the campaign’s message to reach voters in the congressional district (the largest geographically east of the Mississippi) on a near instantaneous basis.

(please visit www.strategicadvantageinternational.com )

Rob Ryan, Senior Communications Advisor: Rob, who joined the campaign at the end of July, is serving as the campaign’s chief spokesperson. He will be responsible for interaction with the print, broadcast and internet media that covers the campaign and brings over three decades of political experience to the Hoffman team. Rob served as Campaign Manager to George Pataki in his 1994 upset victory over Mario Cuomo and went on to hold a number of key positions in the Pataki administration.

Nelson Warfield, Senior Media Consultant: Nelson Warfield will handle the campaign’s TV and radio advertising. A Presidential campaign veteran, Warfield’s firm is currently in production with ads airing nationally in the contentious health care debate. Warfield has extensive experience in New York, with victories dating to 1994 when his firm’s ads helped the New York State Conservative Party deliver the margin of victory for George Pataki over three term incumbent Mario Cuomo.

Carter Wrenn, Senior Strategic Advisor: Carter Wrenn brings a wide range of political experience to the Hoffman campaign. In a career spanning nearly four decades, he has provided his expertise to Presidential campaigns and has directed five successful U.S. Senate campaigns. His experience and knowledge will be key in formulating the strategies needed to obtain victory in a three-way “Special Election”.

Doug Hoffman said: “Today, I am rolling out the team that will give my campaign the “know how”, strategy and resources to win this election. They are all Republicans. They have joined my team because they understand the national importance of this race and the fact that even though I may be running on the Conservative Party line I am the real Republican in this race. Their skills and the conservative principles of the voters will guarantee my victory over the liberal tag-team of Dede Scozzafava and Bill Owens. Make no mistake; we are in this race to win.