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September 19, 2018

‘Hoover’ Returns To Mexico Point Park

MEXICO – Back in June, the staff at Mexico Point Park thought they’d never see “Hoover” again.

"Hoover," the hand-carved wooden dog, was located and returned to its rightful home.

“Hoover,” the hand-carved wooden dog, was located and returned to its rightful home.

The hand-carved wooden dog was handcrafted by a local artist and is a valuable piece of art.

“Hoover” is part of a project, including several other carvings, to show the history and usage of the park over the years.

“I didn’t think it would happen. But, two boys saw Hoover on a lawn (in a nearby town),” Sandra Scott of Mexico Point Park said. “The owner said his son gave it to him. He said he found it in a storage locker.”

The park staff “probably won’t press charges,” Scott told Oswego County Today, adding, “Hopefully he will learn a lesson. And, his parents, too!”

The park is a place where people of the community can come to enjoy the beautiful grounds, access to Lake Ontario and the facilities provided free of charge for the enjoyment of all, by the town of Mexico and the Friends of Mexico Point Park.

This was the third time that someone took advantage of the park’s open policy.

“Joseph Brandt,” one of the “Park People,” was taken in 2014 (and later returned).

In 2015 a person or persons felt they were entitled to the park’s split rail fence, Scott noted.

And now in 2016, part of another “Park People” statue, “Fishing,” was taken.

Also, a kid hung on the arm of “Carmen Basilio” and broke off the arm.

The park won’t commission any more statues; “too expensive and too much work goes into them,” Scott said.

Security measures at the park are under consideration.

One Response “‘Hoover’ Returns To Mexico Point Park”

  1. Debbie Engelke
    July 19, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    A Security Camera (or two) would not go amiss, IMHO. I am a small merchant (very very small), and I have two in my shoppe. Sadly, we need these things. Pride in community is not a thing we have anymore, with the influx of folks from other regions who never had what Oswego County had for a couple of centuries, so they don’t ‘get it.’

    IF you could catch vandalism on camera, it would be easier to prosecute. And after a couple of prosecutions, with penalties like working at the ‘point’ (where certainly weeding and lawn work would be helpful (!), maybe less would be taken ‘for private consumption’ in the future.

    I LOVE this park. And more people love it than take from it, so we are still in the majority! :0)

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