Horsemanship Clinic To Be Held September 12th In Oswego

Margaret Beeman
Margaret Beeman

Renowned horsemanship clinician Margaret Beeman is coming to Oswego to help local equestrians. She will conduct a public horsemanship clinic on September 12th at Willow Tree Farm in Oswego. The clinic is open to a limited number of participants, from any discipline, interested in solving problems and improving their communication with their horses. Auditors are also welcome.

Margaret coached Scott Monroe and his horse Shadow to two National Championships and three International selections for the US Equestrian Team, but she is best known for her “natural horsemanship” method of training, developed during her more than 45 years of working with horses.

As she explains her methods,” My goal in working with any horse and rider is to first help the horse learn how to get along with people and then to help the person learn exactly what a horse is, and what he is and is not capable of. Developing a mutual respect between the horse and the person gives me great pleasure. It gives the horse a good life and it gives the person the results they are looking for. People usually get into trouble with their horses simply because they don’t understand the nature of the horse and how to communicate with them in a way the horse understands. My approach will benefit anyone who wants a respectful, pleasant and safe relationship with their horse while achieving the goals they have set for themselves.”

Margaret has the unique ability to recognize where owners and their horses become “stuck” and presents safe, sound, reasonable solutions that help owners move forward toward their goals. Her program is based on the actual facts about the horse, how to present yourself to the horse and how to work within the horse’s capacity of understanding. For any equestrian who feels that your horse is just “not getting something” then Margaret will be available to help.

The clinic is sponsored by the Oswego County Humane Society’s Large Animal Assistance Program and will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on September 12th. The registration deadline is September 4th . For more information and to register go to or call 564-7334. To find out more about Margaret Beeman go to