Hossfeld Takes Home Another Modified Win

Haudricourt, Morgan, Buchanan, Nash, and Burd Also Capture Wins

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Lancaster, New York – Six divisions were on hand for an action packed night at Dunn Tire Raceway Park – three divisions competed on the ¼ mile inner oval, while the other three took to the famed 5/8th mile outer oval.  Mother Nature shined down upon the speedway, with not a drop of rain in sight, allowing for some of the best racing action of the season.

The inner circle divisions were on tap first and the visiting Legends got the nights action started with a twenty lap event.  Brett Coon started on the pole and set off as the leader at the drop of the green flag.  His lead was short lived however, as Jeremy Haudricourt, who has started fifth, powered his way to the front, taking the top spot on lap five.  It wasn’t easy sailing up front for the leader as he had plenty of company with Jake Vernon challenging every lap for the lead.  While the top two raced, it allowed Coon and Brad Salatino to join the top pack.  The action was fast and furious as the laps wound down.  Vernon pulled the classic “bump and run” on Haudricourt with just five laps to go but a yellow flag on lap 17 put Haudricourt right where he needed to be – on Vernon’s bumper.  Haudricourt wasted no time in reclaiming the lead, diving below Vernon to take the position.  Vernon wasn’t done trying to win the race, looking high and low around the leader for a way around.  Haudricourt held fast though and won his second DTRP Legends feature win.

Next up on the inner oval was the Casey’s TQ Midgets and Arik McGruder and Jim Fleischman lead the 21 car field to the green flag for the start of their 20 lap race.  Just a few laps into the race, McGruder held onto the lead while facing heavy pressure from Fleischman and Cam Barber.  However, a yellow flag and double file restart was about to shake things up.  On the restart McGruder held his position but Fleischman bobbled a bit, allowing Timex Morgan, who had started tenth, to dart into second.  Morgan’s car was seemingly the fastest on the track as he darted by McGruder on lap nine to take the lead.  Morgan immediately built a substantial lead on the field, leaving McGruder to defend second place from Barber.  The field kept shuffling though as Bobby Holmes began his charge to the front, cruising into third on lap 18 and into second place just one lap later.  Although Holmes had his sights set on the leader, Morgan crossed the finish line first, with a substantial lead over the rest of the field.

The last of the inner oval divisions was up next – the 4 Cylinders.  Ken Hejna, Mike Hossfeld, Dan Roesch, and Cassie McGrath were the top five starters on the grid and with the start of the race, Hejna jumped into the lead.  He wouldn’t be there for long though as Roesch dove underneath him for the lead on lap two.  Hejna got hung up on the outside groove and fell back through the field while McGrath, Charles Buchanan – who had started sixth, and Hossfeld battled for second on back.  Roesch led the field two laps past the halfway point of the feature and was then unseated as the leader by Buchanan, who took advantage of Roesch swinging too high out of turn four.  Buchanan had Roesch, McGrath, and Mike Maggiore in his mirror for the rest of the race, but held on for his third consecutive DTRP 4 Cylinder feature win.

The open wheel Sportsman took to the 5/8th mile outer oval for their 35 lap feature event, with 17 competitors making up the field.  George Skora started on the pole and jumped into the early lead.  Behind him, both Sege Fidanza and Billy Burd were on the move.  Fidanza, who had started tenth, was up to second by lap 8 and Burd had raced into third by lap 11.  A yellow flag and double file restart sealed Skora’s fate as the leader, as Fidanza lined up to his outside.  Fidanza took advantage of the restart and took the lead, while Skora was shuffled back to fifth.  By this time Andy Jankowiak had raced up from his eighth place starting position to join the leaders.  At the halfway point, Fidanza held the point position while Jankowiak, Burd, Tom McGrath, and Russ Gian, who had started 17th, followed.  Fidanza began building his lead over the field, leaving Jankowiak and Burd to battle for second.  Burd finally cleared Jankowiak for second on lap 28 and set his sights on Fidanza.  With just five laps to go, Burd got the Fidanza’s bumper and began challenging for the lead.  With the white flag waving, Burd made his move on Fidanza, nosing his way underneath the leader in between turns one and two, pushing Fidanza up the track.  Burd powered by, completed the lap, and captured the checkered flag.

What turned out to arguably the most exciting feature of the night was on tap next – the Able Agency Street Stock 25 lap main event.  Rookies Kevin Tarbox and Matt Druar lead the 21 car field to the green flag, with Druar leading lap one and Tarbox claiming the top spot on laps two and three.  They soon would have company however as Mike Nash, who has started fifth was up to second on lap three and was the leader by lap four.  The fast cars in the field were caught mid pack, trying to negotiate traffic, which allowed Nash to pad his lead.  However, by lap ten Nash had his biggest competitor – Nate Straus – in second place.  While Straus began chipping away at Nash’s lead, John Hewson and Kris Hamman moved into third and fourth, dispatching Tarbox to fifth.  By lap 19, it became a two person battle for the lead as Straus had made his way to Nash’s bumper.  Straus had also brought Hewson and Hamman with him to the front, but they fought their own battle as Straus began eyeing up a way around Nash.  Straus finally got his chance on the last turn of the last lap as Nash washed up high ever so slightly and Straus dove down low.  It was a side by side battle for the checkered flag and Nash crossed the finish line first, but only by inches.

The final event of the night was the 50 lap feature event for the 600 horsepower “Mighty Modifieds”.  An extremely impressive group of drivers were on hand for the race including former DTRP champions, DTRP feature winners, Oswego 200 feature winners, Spencer Speedway champions, and Whelen Modified Tour feature winners.  The Leaty Clan – Jan and Mike – made up the front row of the starting grid and were followed by Jeff Hamman, Chuck Hossfeld, and Erick Rudolph.  The initial start of the race was a no go as Rudolph brought out the yellow flag after a long spin down the front stretch.  The next attempt at a start was worse as Mike Leaty went flying through the turn one infield after making contact with Jan Leaty.  The cars kept rolling though so the Modified action was kept green.  Hossfeld took advantage of the first turn calamity and became the race leader, taking Billy Putney along with him into second.  As the field settled in, Rudolph began working his way up through the field and was in the fifth spot on lap 16 and eyeing up Hamman who ran in front of him.  Mike Leaty had begun his long ride up through the field and was in seventh on lap 19.  The field began a green flag run that saw Putney gaining on the leader Hossfeld and Rudolph throwing everything he had at Hamman in an effort to get around him.  A yellow flag on lap 34 brought the field together for a single file restart with Hossfeld, Putney, J. Leaty, Hamman, Rudolph, Karl Hehr, and M. Leaty leading the way.  The restart was not meant to be however as the field jammed up behind the leader in four, with fourth on back involved.  Mike Leaty headed pitside for a flat tire while the rest of the field lined back up.  On the ensuing restart Hossfeld grabbed the lead once again while Rudolph made the power move around Hamman for fourth and J. Leaty for third – all in one lap.  No one however, was able to mount a challenge for the lead and Hossfeld continued his hot streak, capturing his fifth win on the local Modified circuit this season.

Next week is Emergency Responder Night at Dunn Tire Raceway Park.  All police officers, EMT’s, and firefighters with valid identification will receive $5 off general admission.  On the racing card will be the 4 Cylinders, Street Stocks in a 50 event, the Sportsman, and the Super Stocks for a special 50 lap engagement.

Modified Feature Finish: Chuck Hossfeld, Billy Putney, Erick Rudolph, Jan Leaty, Jeff Hamman, Karl Hehr, Mike Leaty, Zach Shove, Tommy Cloce, Patrick Emerling, Doug Reaume, Chris Ridsdale, Matt Alix

Lap Leaders: 1-50 Hossfeld

Heat Winners: Hossfeld, M.Leaty

Sportsman Feature Finish: Billy Burd, Sege Fidanza, Andy Jankowiak, Tom McGrath, Russ Gian, George Skora, Sherri Hogan, Kevin Lewis, Frank Batista Jr., John Julicher Jr., Bobby Lippa Jr., Matt Jurek, Rob Bulger, Mark Pennell, Glenn Attanasio, Ed Schueler, Ed Weber

Lap Leaders: 1-11 Skora; 12-34 Fidanza; 35 Burd

Heat Winners: Fidanza, Burd

Street Stock Feature Finish: Mike Nash, Nate Straus, Kris Hamman, John Hewson, Kevin Mendel, Kevin Tarbox, Matt Druar, Keith Flanigan, Rick Ortwein, Joe Light, Ed Nowak, Dana Fogle, Joe Haley, Scott Mutka, Cory Gallagher, Gary Bartella, Gary Light, Gary Denea, Heather Weber, Mike Weston  DNS  Bob Blaszak

Lap Leaders: 1 Druar; 2-3 Tarbox; 4-25 Nash

Heat Winners: Druar, Mendel

4 Cylinder Feature Finish: Charles Buchanan, Dan Roesch, Cassie McGrath, Mike Maggiore, Deb Jurek, Dean Siminski, Dan Wieland, Mike Hossfeld, Jayme Thompson, Tim Durfy, Derrick Brant, Ken Hejna, Christine Hanel, Kalie Clementi

Lap Leaders: 1 Hejna; 2-12 Roesch; 13-20 Buchanan

Heat Winners: McGrath, Hossfeld

TQ Midget Feature Finish: Timex Morgan, Bobby Holmes, Justin Mapes, Cam Barber, Arik McGruder, Jim Fleischman, Scott Kruetter, Dean McConnaughey, Wayne Turnbull, Kent Turnbull, Charlie DiRosa, Mel Raab, Driver 14, Kyle Hutchinson, Owen Bednasz, Gordon Steffan, AJ Hessler, Andy Jankowiak, Nelson Rung, Hayden Newcomb, Jonathan Reid

Lap Leaders: 1-9 McGruder; 10-20 Morgan

Heat Winners: Barber, Fleischman

Legends Feature Finish: Jeremy Haudricourt, Jake Vernon, Brad Salatino, Brett Coon, Patrick Lyden, John Lindstrom, Charlie Neumann, Bill Lyden, Cal Vilardo, Chris Spaker, Jake Hannahs

Lap Leaders: 1-4 Coon; 5-15 Haudricourt; 16-17 Vernon; 18-20 Haudricourt

Heat Winners: Vernon, Haudricourt