House On A Spring Keeps Bouncing Along

By Nicole Hess, Contributing Writer
OSWEGO, NY – There was a ten-minute wait to get into Old City Hall recently as local residents and college students stood in line to attend House on a Spring.

As the band played there was a crowd of about 50 people dancing to the music.

A regular to the House on a Spring shows, Katie Flinn, took a quick break from dancing to talk about her opinion of the shows.

“I like the atmosphere; I love the vibes they bring. I like that the atmosphere, lets everyone feel togetherness through the use of Reggae music,” she said. “That’s why I love Reggae music, it’s something everyone can relate to.”

After a five-song set the lead singer Rob Dee sat down for an interview.

It was quite a struggle getting him outside, however, considering everyone in the bar wanted a word with the singer.

Clearly the singer has both personal and vocal skills.

Rob has been with the band for two years but House on a Spring has been playing for five.

His favorite part about playing in their hometown of Oswego is, “good energy, good vibe, lots of loyalty. The hometown love is more strong which makes our energy more strong,” he explained.

Since the band has been progressively gaining popularity, they’ve played as far as the Saranac region.

Recently they have been in Saranac Lake and Potsdam.

As far as crazy incidents on the road Rob said, “The craziest thing on the road happened when we got kicked out of a motel because people were skinny dipping next to us and it was a small town and the guy that owned the motel freaked out.”

Unfortunately for the band, they had nothing to do with the incident but still had to relocate their hotel room.

As far as the band’s success and how well they are doing financially Rob had this to say, “As far as being an income, it’s not that it’s just money in our pocket.  Obviously the world revolves around money but doing what you love and having fun is the most importation thing – period and dancing is cool too.”

Before the interview was over Rob was surrounded by fans trying to have a word with him.

For more information on House on a Spring, visit their Facebook website.