How Do You Like Me Now?

To The Editor:

I wonder if the attendees of the CC meeting that applauded the decision by the mayor and CC  of the city of Fulton not to pursue the possibility of doing a feasibility study will be applauding with the very big possibility of losing state aid.

The mayor has said how much money we could lose in state aid by dissolving.

The feasibility study would have only said if dissolving was feasible.

The decision to dissolve would have been left up to a vote by YOU not six elected officials.

Well our city leaders and those of our neighbors (Granby and Volney) may have put us in line to lose state aid.

So instead of receiving money to do the study and money to help pay some of our debt, the leaders may have put us in line to gain more debt.

I have said it before but I have to say it again.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

Well that drink of water and many other services have a very big possibility of costing you and me a lot more in taxes and fees.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. Frank,instead of pushing Fulton off on the towns,how about the county taking over all of the towns. When the county has done that THEN the county can take over the city.

  2. Chris, I wanted the towns and villages and Cities to have a choice and get some help. That is no longer in the mix. The County and the State are now going to have the say. I like the people to have a say not some elected officials.

  3. We in Granby did have a choice….it is our choice to NOT merge with the city. Seems pretty easy to understand.

  4. I agree with Frank.The people of Fulton should make that decision, not the six aldermen. In the meantime our taxes keep going up and NOTHING SEEMS TO IMPROVE. Looks like the aldermen were more interested in keeping their paying city jobs.

  5. Well Granby Taxpayer when your taxes go up and you wonder why now you will know.Also when the State and County tell you what is going to be merged don’t ask ? How did this happen. All your leaders had to say is they would be willing to do a study and take a vote.Nobody said you had to merge. I know that those that can read and comprehend what was written and said understand. Those that don’t are the ones that post statements like yours.

  6. The power is in the hands of the people. Logic would suggest that the people do what is best for the community. Yet, the people will not let reason change their minds and will let tradition dictate their fate. The question is, how many screw-ups do you need?

  7. What part of Fulton used to be part of Volney and Granby, don’t you understand? Volney and Granby were never part of Fulton. We have no desire to be swamped with Fulton’s woes. You made them, so figure it out how to fix it on your own. Volney is a stable well to do Town. Our roads are plowed and well maintained. Things are going well. Fulton is a mess with constant pleadings for someone to give them money, thinking it will fix everything. You’ve been given money time after time and every time we turn around you have your hand out again. Fix your own problems and leave Volney and Granby out of it!

  8. Voloneyres, Ans. River Glenn, Waste Water Treatment Land. Yes the city leaders are always putting their hands out for help but not the people. All Mr. Castiglia was asking for was a study and that might have gotten the City,Towns, and county some much needed money.

  9. Interesting to see Cuomo sweetening the pot by offering to match the savings from sharing services after the first year. Probably not enough to stimulate the Mayor to ask for the study but the writing is on the wall for many of these failing city budgets. Sooner or later Fulton will not have a choice, they will have to consolidate.

  10. Ok just got back from a meeting this afternoon in which Matt Driscol and Joannie Mahoney gave a different take on the Governors plans. No more hint of holding back of state aide. Only incentive of doing a shared services plan and what ever money is saved will be doubled by the State. Still lots of questions. County leaders will hold meetings but the final choice will be done by the voters. As it should be.

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