How Would You Respond If Faced With A Violent Situation?

FULTON – Counteractive Solutions will present Violence Prevention and Mitigation Strategies in Our Schools on July 20 at the CiTi facility at 806 W. Broadway at 9 a.m.

This presentation is open to any teacher, administrator, pastor or corporate CEO in Oswego County.

We will outline the training and services that Counteractive Solutions offers to effectively prevent and safely respond to violent situations at their facilities.

The services offered through Counteractive Solutions include hands-on training and assistance in implementing proven strategies to protect your employees, patrons and staff from harm.

During this presentation our discussions will include:

• Situational Awareness: Targeting situational vulnerabilities using biometrics, kinesics, proxemics, and heuristic evaluation.
• Active Shooter Incidents: Studying documented school shooter incidents and evaluating the lessons learned from them for the specific population and design of your facility.
• Weapon Recognition: Learning how to quickly and accurately identify weapons in order to plan rapid response during a critical incident. Techniques for detecting concealed weapons are also covered.
• De-escalation: Sharing communication skills and techniques to reduce imminent threat and defuse violent situations. You learn how to hold the attention of the threatening person, allowing staff to shelter or evacuate students and law enforcement to arrive.

To reserve a spot, please email your name, title and qualifying company name (a school, church or corporation) to [email protected] by July 17 at noon.

This session is approximately three hours and is free to the first 35 people who RSVP by email.

A light lunch is included and will follow the presentation.