Hulsizer Holds Off Fulton Speedway’s Best, Winning Modified Feature; Wight The 2014 Big Block Modified Track Champion

FULTON, NY – Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway exciting final point race features were won and a season worth of hard work was celebrated in victory lane with track championships.

In feature racing on Ingles Performance and VP Small Engines Fuels night the winners were, Matt Hulsizer, Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds,  Nick Webb, SUNY Canton Sportsman, Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models, Haiden Burdick, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman, Gordy Button, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints and Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

2014 Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Track Champion #99L – Larry Wight
2014 Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Track Champion #99L – Larry Wight

Drivers and crews who celebrated 2014 Track Championships were:  Larry Wight, Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, Ron Davis III, SUNY Canton Sportsman, Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models, John Cunningham, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints and Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive  Four Cylinders.

In the 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature there were two races to watch. The first was who was going to take the final checker flag of the season before the Outlaw 200 Weekend. The second was the three-car battle for the track championship. Billy Decker held a one point lead over Larry Wight and a twenty-five point advantage over Jimmy Phelps.

In the feature itself, Matt Hulsizer was on rails running the top of the speedway hitting his marks lap after the lap the entire distance. Drivers like Larry Wight and Tom Sears Jr. could get to Hulsizer but never mount a serious challenge. Tom Sears Jr., Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps and Ryan Phelps finished second through fifth.

Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar  Modified Feature Winner #55 – Chris Hulsizer
Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Feature Winner #55 – Chris Hulsizer

“This is a pretty good way to end the season. We struggled for the most part but can’t complain right now,” Hulsizer said after putting his Thompson Road Tavern/Muddy Paws Dog Grooming/MBH Racing/No.55 in victory lane for the first time this season on the ‘High Banks.’

Hulsizer was asked if he felt any pressure knowing Larry Wight, Tom Sears Jr. and Jimmy Phelps were behind looking to take the win away from him. “I saw Larry (Wight) on the restart and I knew he’d try to get to the outside as hard as he could, so I knew I had to get up there (top) quick.

Hulsizer finished up how much the win meant after a hard two years and how the win Saturday sure carries momentum into the rest of the season and next season.

The plan was simple for Larry Wight to win the track championship. Finish ahead of Billy Decker. Wight drove a strong race finishing third to Billy Decker’s sixth place, winning the title by five points.

Anyone who watches Larry Wight race when he straps into his Gypsum Express/Tracey Road Equipment/NAPA Auto Parts/Saftey-Kleen/Syracuse Haulers/Industrial Tire Of CNY/LJL Kevlar Racing Engines/No.99L/Troyer/ knows there is no cruise control. It’s flat out racing green to checker.

When asked, knowing all he had to do was finish ahead of Billy Decker, were there any thoughts of playing scoring tower watching to see where Decker was? “No. We got into second and I started to run down Matt (Hulsizer) and I really didn’t want to see that caution. I think he was getting his right rear hot because he was slowing down and I was hoping to catch him in lapped traffic. As soon as we got the bottom (restart) I knew we were in trouble. We were able to fall in line in third and we were able to keep Billy behind us we were good.”

“It’s huge (track championship) crew chief- Rob (Hile), Jeff (Hadden) Jake (Pietrowicz) everyone has been working so hard on this car. We had a good point lead all year and then two weeks with some really bad luck. It almost took us out, but we were able to rebound and come out on top.”

Jeremy Pitcher led the opening 13 laps of the 25 lap SUNY Canton Sportsman feature before Beth Schneider took away the lead. Schneider knew coming in that she had to win the race and have point leader Ron Davis III finish 12th or below to win her second straight title.

Just when it looked like Schneider might do her part while running the top-side, Nick Webb had other ideas. Running a lane even higher than Schneider, Webb took the lead on lap 18 and never looked back for his first Fulton Speedway win. Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher,Tony Finch II and Jason Occhino finished second through fifth.

In victory lane Nick Webb dedicated his win to his good friend and Sportsman driver Brandon Hagan who lost his life earlier in the day to a non-related racing incident.

Ron Davis III final race to title started from the back of the pack after qualifying through the consi. During the feature he was on the defensive as it seemed most of the yellows happened right in front of him. In the end Davis brought home a sixth place finish and his first ever SUNY Canton Sportsman Track Championship.

“There was a couple close ones, I thought I messed up the front end after a hit it took. After that it wasn’t handling the way I wanted it to,“ Ron Davis said about his wild ride in Bratt Farms/Bibbens Sales/Oakland Acres Firewood/Brian McDeid Contracting/Advantage Plumbing & Heating/Brenda’s Diner/No.32R/Bicknell to the title.”

“We took the gamble with the Hoosiers in the beginning of the year and it paid off,” Davis said, talking about how most race teams ran the American Racer tire until the mandatory July 1st switch to Hoosiers only. That gave Davis a jump on the competition how the car reacted to those tires and the best setup.

Davis finished up by saying with enthusiasm, “This was one of my goals to get a track championship and I can’t believe it.”

Tim Sears Jr. went out and won the 20-Lap NAPA Late Model feature and the Championship. The feature win wasn’t an easy one as he had to throw everything he had at Sean Beardsley as the two battled from lap-4 till Sears was able to make the winning pass on lap-16 with Sean Beardsley coming in second.  In final points AJ Kingsley, Dale Caswell and Dave Talbot finished second through fifth.

Sears knew coming into the feature all he really had to do was start the feature for the title. “Just finishing isn’t fun. You got to come right here (victory lane) then it’s fun.”

“He’s (Sean Beardsley) been really fast lately, it’s been a lot of fun racing with him,” Sears said, talking about the last two races when it has been a battle between the two of them right down to the checkers.

Sears thanked Gypsum Express, his grandparents, girlfriend and everyone behind him who makes it possible for him to race and win like he does.

Gordy Button dominated the 15-Lap A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprint feature over Track Champion John Cunningham. Cunningham will go in the record books as the first ever champion in the division.

Haiden Burdick was impressive once again in the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman winning his second feature in a row. Amy Holland, Joe Buonagurio, Mike Phelps and Trevor Lindsey chased Burdick across the line.

Tim Dunn and Chuck Powelczyk once again put on an epic battle in the 15-Lap Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders that saw Powelczyk grab his eighth feature win of the year. He also backed up his Brewerton Speedway title the night before with the Fulton Speedway Track Championship.

Plans are now full speed ahead for one of the most prestigious events in dirt racing, the 29th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend presented by SUNY Canton on October 3-4. For everything you need to know from ticket sales, camping, parking and the weekend race schedule go and click on the Outlaw 200 tab at the top of the page. Keep checking back to the website for updates leading right up to the big racing weekend. Also like the Facebook page for fun Outlaw 200 historical facts and looks back at the rich history.

Any questions you might have please contact Cory Reed at [email protected] or call (315) 593-6531.

(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT DIRTcar MODIFIEDS 35LAPS) –  MATT HULSIZER, Tom Sears Jr., Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Phelps, Billy Decker, Pat Ward, Chris Mackey, Vinnie Vitale,

Adam Roberts, Rob Bellinger, Tim Sears Jr.,Chris Hile, Jim Witko Jr., Tim Currier, Chad Phelps, Tom Kinsella, Katelyn Kane, Brad Godshalk, Chuck Bower, Matt Fink, DNS Dan Vauter.

(OMNI SERVICES HEAT WINNERS) – Matt Hulsizer, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Phelps.


(SUNY CANTON SPORTSMAN 25 LAPS) – NICK WEBB, Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher, Tony Finch II, Jason Occhino, Ron Davis III, Earl Rudy, Jeremy Vunk, Brent Joy, Brandon Sweet, Chris Hulsizer, Wade Chrisman, Taylor Lamb, Jason Parkhurst, Todd Root, Jeff Hunter, John Christian, James Carlson, Joe Kline, Bill Clark Jr., Gregg Kimball, Mike Button, Rocco Leone, Corey Barker.

*Winner’s Engine Pulled For Tech At LJL Racing Engine Shop*

(DNQ) – Josh Van Brocklin, Ricky Yelle, Rocky Grosso, Bryan Van Tassel, Austin Murphy, Jeremy Dygert.


(NAPA LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – TIM SEARS JR., Sean Beardsley, AJ Kingsley, Dale Caswell, Dave Talbot, Harry Haliday, Kevan Cook, Bret Belden, Aron Backus, Alan Chapman, Steve Coit, Johnny Hill.


(E&V ENERGY NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS) – HAIDEN BURDICK, Amy Holland, Joe Buonagurio, Mike Phelps, Trevor Lindsey, Brady Gill, Dorian Wahdan, Shannon Pitcher, Brett Draper, Taylor Jackson, Josh Van Tassell, Rylee Gill, Kyle Hulsizer.

(A-VERDI STORAGE CONTAINERS 305 SPRINTS) – GORDY BUTTON, John Cunningham, Doug Crews, Casey Williams, Tom Fletcher.


(HILTON’S AUTOMOTIVE FOUR CYLINDERS 15 LAPS) – CHUCK POWELCZYK, Tim Dunn, Colby Herzog, Skip DeGroff, Jack Taskey, Kyle Young, Ray Bechler, Phil Desormeau III, Jeremy Lueck, Keith Zirbel, Joe Buske Jr., Lorraine Powelczyk, Robert Jimenez, Sam Curcie, Dakota Bechler, Sam Carista, David Denova, Mark Johnston, Derrick Reeves.


(Ladies Race Winners) – Four-Cylinder – Brandy Rose. Sportsman/Late Model – Karen Finch.