Hunter Arms Homecoming Weekend Set for Sept. 30

The Friends of History In Fulton, N. Y., who operate and maintain the John Wells Pratt House Local History Museum at 177 South First Street, Fulton, N. Y., will be hosting the members of the L. C. Smith Gun Collectors Association at a “Hunter Arms Homecoming Weekend” Friday, September 30th, Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd. An invitation only reception will be held on Friday night to welcome the collectors to Fulton and they will be given an opportunity to visit the Hunter Homestead in Sterling Valley in order to be more informed about the Hunter family history. The L. C. Smith guns, manufactured in Fulton, N. Y., were well known around the world and were prized for their craftsmanship and embellishments. President Theodore Roosevelt, Annie Oakley, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were among the famous people who owned a L. C. Smith shotgun.

Members of the Association will be competing in a shoot, using their famous shotguns, on Saturday morning, October 1, at the Pathfinder Fish and Game Club. Fulton, N. Y. from 9 A. M. until approximately 1 P. M. Participants will be shooting trap, skeet, and five stand and the public is invited to watch the shoot.

The public is also urged to visit the Pratt House to view the collector’s L. C. Smith shotguns on display, Saturday, October 1, from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. and Sunday, October 2, from 9 A. M. until noon. Gun owners will be in attendance to answer questions about their guns and there will be Hunter Arms books and other Hunter memorabilia for sale. The new Hunter Arms exhibit will also be open to the public. There will be a small admission charge.

The public is also invited to attend the Saturday night banquet and awards ceremony at the Tavern On The Lock Restaurant, Fulton, N. Y. when the winners of the shoot will be recognized. There will be a cash bar at 6 P. M. and dinner at 7. Reservations and pre-payment are required and reservations can be made by calling the Friends of History at 315-598-4616. No payment will be accepted at the door.

The Friends of History In Fulton, N. Y., Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization in accordance with income tax regulations. For further information, contact the Friends of History at (315) 598-4616.