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September 22, 2018

Husband, Wife Team Up As King and Queen In Drama

OSWEGO, NY – For some husbands and wives, the drama of life is enough to keep things interesting.

But, for actors Nelson and Sherri Metz, the real drama is on stage.

The pair has been cast as Henry II and Queen Eleanor in the forthcoming Oswego Players’ production of “The Lion in Winter.”

Nelson and Sherri Metz appear together in the upcoming Oswego Players' production of "The Lion in Winter."

Nelson and Sherri Metz appear together in the upcoming Oswego Players’ production of “The Lion in Winter.”

The play is being directed by Richard Mosher.

This is the second go-around for the play and for Sherri as Eleanor.

The play was first staged by the Players in 1996 under the direction of the late Ron Medici.

In that performance, the late Larry Rose played King Henry.

So what is it like to repeat a role nearly 20 years later? According to Sherri Metz it’s very different.

“The first time around I was terrified of the challenge. There were all the layers of the character and then having Ron as director. It was hard,” she said.

But what about now?

“Now I relate to her better,” she continued. “I’m almost 20 years older, I’ve read more about Eleanor and the history of the times. I know more and I know more about her.”

What about working with her husband?

“We’ve only done comedies together before. It was very daunting at the beginning, but we have explored our characters together and now we are having fun with it. It helps to have your husband playing opposite you because you can study your lines together off stage,” she said.

Other members of the cast are Tim O’Connor as Richard the Lionheart, Erik Mosher as Geoffrey, Norman Berlin II as John, Knathan MacKenzie-Roy as Philip II, and Jennifer Butler as Alean Capat.

The play is set at Christmas 1183.

This production of “The Lion in Winter” has been funded through a grant from Entergy.

“The Lion in Winter” is set for performances in the Frances Marion Brown Theater in the Arts Center at Fort Ontario on Nov. 28, 29 and Dec. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m. and at 2 p.m. matinee on Dec. 7.

For reservations, call the Players’ box office at 343-5138.

One Response “Husband, Wife Team Up As King and Queen In Drama”

  1. Debbie
    November 20, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    Break a leg, Sherry & Nelson! (or not ‘actually’) or the show won’t go on, lol!

    Debbie & Ray

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