I Am Sorry America

Dear Editor:
I have to say, as an Oswegonian, I was truly disappointed with the 4th of July parade this year.

I decided to take the time to write this as I feel it holds much merit.

With our current city disintegration, I thought perhaps this year’s parade would be a perfect opportunity to bring pride, fellowship, respect and humanity back to our city of Oswego.

Instead of neighborly handshakes and smiles, I witnessed advertisements and profits to be made.

I understand small community and small businesses equal need for advertising, but is it just for a 4th of July parade?

Where were the patriotic floats, the honor and glory for America’s birthday?

I apologize, America, that Oswego let you down.

We had the opportunity to meet and greet, beautify, honor and memorialize ALL Americans.

But we let you down.

Instead, our selfish ways of greed blinded our hearts and only stimulated our brains of where we could buy and sell.

America, forgive us.

Sincerely and peacefully yours,
AJ Anesko

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  1. I totally agree to these statements. The parade has been getting worse every year. When I was in my teens(a long time ago) I grant you but it was true. We had a lot of Floats, Bands and a lot of other things in the parade such as The Screaming Eagles ,The Mummers
    and a lot of other things too many to name. We had the Battle of the Bands. They Started at the Leighton Field Site and Ended Up at Fort Ontario. They also Played Music and marched or what ever almost the whole length of the parade route Not just in front of the Judges. What I am saying is that If You don’t do something about this City and It’s Events You might as well close it down.

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