Improved OHS Science Facilities Enhance Education Experience

OSWEGO, NY – Science students at Oswego High School have commenced a new era.

For years, the high school science rooms were out-dated.

However, several years ago the voters approved a capital project which provided new science facilities for the district.

As the 2010 portion of the school year commenced students found themselves in modern, up-to-date surroundings.

The four-classroom addition to Oswego High School was the second major physical change this year.

The improved science facilities continue to excite Oswego’s students. Christie Hoefer and Tyler Lisec are involved in an experiment.
The improved science facilities continue to excite Oswego’s students. Christie Hoefer and Tyler Lisec are involved in an experiment.

Previously, the OHS cafeteria had been renovated, which not only resulted in massive improvements, but increased the efficiency and surroundings for students and staff.

The new science rooms have been a welcome addition.

Veteran teacher Paula Ranous said, “For the first time in 10 years, all of my class can do a lab at once. This is really awesome because before we had to split the lab in half with some kids working at their desks doing problems and then they could go up to lab station.”

Oswego students are able to have more labs that relate direction to what they are doing. With the new design teachers can provide a demonstration from the front of the room and then the students can move directly to their experiments.

According to Ranous, students “can do more chemistry and better chemistry.”

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist noted, “We are very excited and grateful for our new science classrooms and lab facilities. Science has evolved considerably since the high school was built 39 years ago. The new classrooms are state-of-art and will provide our students and faculty with the necessary resources and space to explore, study and invent required and elective curricula in the sciences.”

Student Gabrielle Doten said, “In our old classrooms there wasn’t any lab space. This is cool as we can actually do labs. This is better for my education and it is helping the learning experience.”

Anthony Muccio said, “There is a lot more room now. Before most of our labs were on paper. Now we actually get to interact with chemicals. There wasn’t room or stations in the old classrooms. This is better for my education.”

Ranous explained in her room, “We have 12 stations. There are six pods with two stations at each. Every student has all the equipment and facilities they need for their assignments. Students are working in pods of four and there is water at each station. Before, we just had two sinks in the room.”

Anthony Muccio and Gabrielle Doten focus on their lab work in the new science facilities at OHS.
Anthony Muccio and Gabrielle Doten focus on their lab work in the new science facilities at OHS.

Continuing she said, “We also have 12 gas jets along with state-of-the-art safety equipment with showers and eye wash stations. From the safety standpoint it is much easier to turn off the gas in the event of a problem. There is also plenty of storage space.”

Ranous is excited over the ability to do many more experiments which allows for a much better learning experience for students.

She noted that there is now a chemical preparation area where solutions and experiments can be readied.

The new addition is a “green facility” and the lighting design is much more efficient and effective.

The tables and chairs selected to furnish the room were purchased with older students in mind which provides for much more comfortable surroundings.

Another improvement that will prove to be a saving is the ability to properly store chemicals which means they will not go to waste.

Ranous said, “This is just a much better learning environment. White boards are in place and everything about these rooms will provided a benefit for Oswego’s students. Everyone has been so cooperative in getting this in place and the result is a positive learning environment.”

“The new Science wing at Oswego High School provides the space, equipment and authentic environment for students to explore and expand their knowledge to compete globally in the field,” said Patricia Oughterson, Oswego High School principal. “Chemistry, Biology and Living Environment experiments are equivalent, to say the least, as those being performed at the university level. The new and improved facilities, equipment, and space provides the rigorous type of challenges in the sciences that our students require, not only to succeed, but excel beyond a typical high school experience.“

“The students, teachers, staff and administration at the high school feel extremely privileged to have the support of the community and, therefore, the learning experiences that are being provided as a result of this tremendous project,” she continued. “This is the type of investment that will bring prosperity for the community. The ability to expand our science program has resulted in enthusiasm for a content area that will bring our brightest back home to work and live in the future.”

Superintendent of Schools Crist concluded by saying, “Our community should feel confident that the new facilities will provide excellent opportunities for  our students as they compete for 21st century jobs and college experiences in the sciences. One can only imagine the growth of science in the next decades – from disease treatment, alternate energy, recycling, and genetics – I thank the Oswego community for supporting the local referendum that helped to fund this project. This project and others support our local school district and the children and their futures in our community.”

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  1. These are the types of beneficial things the taxpayers should be asked to spend money on. Not raises for Mr. Crist, Ms. Oughterson, and the rest of their ilk. They glow about community support, and think that same community support extends to their greedy demand for an increased pay scale. I hate to tell them, they are wrong. Administrators in the OCSD are just a disgrace all the way around.

    I hope that beneficial new labs so that students can get a hands-on approach to learning will help students see the bright side of learning and decrease the drop out rate.

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