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September 18, 2018

In Cold Storage

OSWEGO, NY – The vessel, American Fortitude, is headed to Brownsville, Texas for scrapping.

American Fortitude

American Fortitude

It is being stored in the Port City for the winter months.

Since there will be no competition for that pier space during the rest of the winter, the Port of Oswego Authority’s director found a customer that could provide for some additional “off-season” business.

It helps “pay the freight,” so to speak, of operating the POA.

One Response “In Cold Storage”

  1. Richard Palmer
    January 7, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    Your story about this ship is not entirely correct. You might be curious as to why it’s in Oswego in the first place. It’s because it was near Montreal under tow when Canadian inspectors stopped it and condemned the tow. It was discovered that the fuel oil had not been pumped out. Rather than risk getting into trouble, the scrappers in Texas then resold it to Marine Recycling at Port Colburne. It was enroute back from Montreal when the Welland Canal was closed, so it was decided to park it in Oswego for the winter because it’s the only harbor on Lake Ontario with deep enough draft to shelter it. That’s the gist of it which can be checked out with Terry Hamill. I got this information from people in the know about the shipping business on the lakes.

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