In Response to Frank Castiglia

To The Editor:

This is in response to Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.’s Sept 6 Letter to the Editor (

Castiglia noted: “A recent inquiry into petitions tuned in for a place on the ballot of a [Granby] town board seat. The inquiry revealed the fact that one of the candidates had turned in petitions with a plethora of illegal signatures. For those that are unaware of the signatures on a petition, the only legal signatures are those that are from residents of the area (town, city, district or county) that is going to be represented.”

Thank you!

I am from Granby and I am the person who had this petition foiled from the Board of Elections. The statute of limitations is three days to challenge signatures on petitions and this petition was put in very fast and we didn’t have time to properly challenge it.

I cannot believe, in all my days of collecting signatures for petitions, how in heavens can the Board of Elections let a petition like this be legal.

How does the Board of Elections do its job?

Just on page 1 of the petition, the signatures were from Cicero, Camden, and Constantia. This should have been grounds to check the validity of the whole petition.

That is not all: The second page had signatures from neighbors of the person petitioning for the town board seat. This person did not go all around Granby. How do we know? Because all signatures on this page 2 were repeated on the next five pages. Signatures from Richland, Volney, and Oswego on these pages were repeated five times. Can you believe this? This is unreal!

As Legislator Castiglia notes in his letter: “You are only allowed to sign one petition for any one candidate. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the signatures on the petitions are valid. It is also up to the witness to ensure the signatures are legal.Now in this case, the witness was a chairman of a major political party.”

Never, never have I seen such a fraud job as this petition. When you collect signatures you can be penalized for any false statement. The person signing these five pages is guilty of fraud in my book.

This person is chairman of our political committee in our town and his son is also on this committee and he signed five times. Wow, they do not go by the rules.

Deep down, I do not believe the people on the first page repeated their names five times. I do not believe these people are this dumb. These people have also been signing petitions for years.

I and another person have given this to the law because the Board of Elections says if not challenged in three days nothing can be done.

This is the law, so let the law take care of it. The people of Granby do not deserve a person so dishonest as this to represent them.

Thank you again, Frank Castiglia,

Rose Anthony
Granby, NY