Incoming Fulton Freshmen May Enroll In Early College High School Program

FULTON – Incoming Fulton City School District freshmen students may enroll in an Early College High School Program, which could provide them with nearly enough credits for an associate’s degree upon high school graduation.

The first-of-its-kind program for the district will enable approximately 25 ninth graders at G. Ray Bodley High School to simultaneously earn both high school and college credit as they become prepared for a career in information technology.

With full program commitment, all participating students may earn upwards of 48 college credits through Cayuga Community College when they graduate from GRB.

FCSD Program Coordinator Sean Broderick said the district has strongly encouraged potential first-generation college goers, students in the 85th academic percentile or less and those with a high attendance rate for school.

Due to the program’s rigor, Broderick said attendance will be extremely important.

As freshmen, the students will take their first college course at GRB – Business 225: Micro Computer Applications – which will be stretched out throughout their entire first year of high school as a step into the intensity of college course work.

They will also receive a full elective credit toward their high school diploma graduation requirements.

Classes will be taught at GRB for the first two years of the program.

Participants will partially transition to CCC’s Fulton campus their junior and senior years, as they will take two classes per semester at CCC while their remaining classes will take place back at GRB.

Prior to that immersion experience, there will be a three-week summer program where they will become accustomed to college life and classwork, as they will be expected to take Micro Computer Maintenance classes.

Throughout the entire program, the students will also have access to tutoring, financial aid counseling, workplace visits and potential internship opportunities.

Broderick said students who successfully complete the program will leave high school with a minimum of 48 college credits and will only be six classes shy of a two-year college degree.

All classes will also transfer to SUNY colleges throughout New York State, if students were interested in furthering their education beyond a four-year degree.

The total cost savings, he said is several thousand dollars.

The cost per credit now at CCC, he said, is $194.

Early College High School is free to students and their parents, thanks to a five-year New York State Education Department grant which funds the program.

Enrollment will be based on academic, behavioral and attendance commitments. Students will also complete an interview and an application, while parents will also be asked to provide a recommendation.

Once selections are made, students will join together for a team-building day at Camp Hollis.

For more information, Broderick may be reached at 315-593-5400 or [email protected]