Independent Film, ‘Paths,’ To Premier In Oswego Nov. 27

By Christine Peets, Staff Intern
OSWEGO, NY – OK, so their names aren’t as familiar as Pitt, Jolie, Redford, Spielberg, Howard, Witherspoon and other celebs. But Braun, Coty, Gill, Darrow and company may soon join the ranks of Hollywood’s elite.

The highly anticipated independent film, “Paths,” will premier at 7 p.m. on Nov. 27 at the McCrobie Building on Lake Street. About a dozen local friends got together, had an idea and worked to make that dream become a reality.

Sparked from “no single identifiable source of inspiration,” but rather “a mutual interest in the creative fields,” according to the young filmmakers, comes a film about a Ben and Lucy as they take a chance together.

“Paths” is a film about the moments in life worth taking advantage of; these moments potentially leading us to bigger and better things.

The film was shot throughout Oswego and “the bluffs.”

Other than that, the producers say they want to keep the locations concealed because they feel it would break the illusion the film creates if the locations are revealed.

The creative minds behind “Paths,” reveal that, besides a few who have taken film theory classes in high school, the majority of team is self-taught through looking at examples and doing what “felt right.”

“The only member of our team to have formal training in video production is our cinematographer, Mike Gill, who took a video production class at Cazenovia College last year,” director-producer-writer Taylor Braun told Oswego County Today.

The film was entirely voluntary and many friends from Oswego High School offered their time to “Paths” because they were interested in the storyline, she added.

In addition to friends, many local businesses including Coffee Connection supported the creation of their film.

“We are lucky to have such a dedicated and multitalented team. Our experiences are so diverse that everyone had something unique to contribute to the film,” Braun said.

Cost wise, $650 have been split between the team members for the creation of the film.

The steps taken to bring their vision to reality have left the team with a deeper connection to the film.

They hope that there are many more projects to follow.

“This film is more than just a film to me. I grew attached to the characters I interacted with and to the character I became. I feel that the underlying message of ‘Paths’ is something that needs to be said, and I am blessed to have friends who were hard working, motivated, and creative enough to help bring our creative vision to life,” said Jane Coty, producer, actor and publicist. “I only hope others respond to it as well as we all did when the idea was first pitched.”

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‘Paths’ People

Taylor Braun
Role: Producer, Writer, Director

Jane Coty
Role: Producer, Actor (LUCY), Publicist

Michael Gill
Role: Producer, Director of Photography, Post Production Producer and Editor

Nicholas Cocks
Role: Actor (BEN’S FRIEND), Composer

Seamus Darrow
Role: Actor (BEN)

Eve Simmonds

Role: Actor (NICOLE), Makeup Artist

Emily Fleischman
Role: Costume/Stylist, Creative Consultant, Still Photographer

Liz Manion
Role: Assistant Director

Emily McCabe
Role: Script Editor

Patricia Alexandra Talamo
Role: Sound Technician