Indoor RC Airplane Flying for Children

My name is Mark Lytle, and I am currently running a program for children called “Hawk’s Jr. Aviators” in which we teach children how to fly remote control airplanes and helicopters indoors at the Armory with help from the Oswego YMCA and the Oswego Youth Bureau. This will be our third year in operation and we only operate from October to March during the colder months. The kids are flown on a Buddy Box system with our own planes. Yes, planes are provided for the youngsters to have a ball on. Last year we had several students sign up that actually completed their training at our field in Fulton and graduated from the program as credited “Bush Pilots”. Children for the most part are mesmorized by remote controlled flight. I believe its also a great way to get some children off the streets and into a hobby type surronding that may last with them for the rest of their lives. This year we are trying a “sponsorship program” to help keep some money in the Hawks fund. We have several (including myself) folks who donate lots of time, items, and what money they can to keep the program alive. I believe by selling sponsorship for the month, the adult fees charged will remain in the kitty and not paying for the flight time. All Hawks students are FREE.

Accidents do happen from time to time, as well as advertisements or promotions, and flight expenses to keep a program such as this running a much needed “helping hand” from local supporters is always appreciated. The fee for Us to fly for 1 month at the Oswego YMCA Armory is $150.00 which includes full use of the main gym, lights, heat and any amenities we may need as well as a small storage room. A month consists of 4 Tuesdays a month from 7:15 to 9:30 pm and 1 Saturday (of choice) from 4 to 8pm. This fee also includes insurance for the pilots due to any injury or accident through AMA ( Academy of Model Aeronautics ). Also included would be a small 24″ x 24″ sign directly across from the flightline displaying — ” This month is sponsored by **** “. Hawks Jr. Aviators is also registered as a non-profit organization and can provide paperwork or receipts as needed.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your time in considering this proposition and the opportunity to offer the children something different to do on a Tuesday night.

Mark Lytle

Hawks Jr, Aviators Indoor Instructor