Injured Puppy To Have Its Jaw Surgically Repaired

OSWEGO, NY – Vets will surgically repair Rockford’s injured jaw today.

The pit bull puppy was surrendered recently to employees at Absolute Auto and Audio in Fulton by a customer, according to store manager Rachel Dean.

Rockford spent the holiday weekend with his legal guardian, Rachel Dean.
Rockford spent the holiday weekend with his legal guardian, Rachel Dean.

“He said not to worry about the dog (in the vehicle) because there was something wrong with his jaw and he couldn’t bite,” she said. “The jaw was literally hanging from the dog’s head; only held on by skin and some tissue. The bones were completely severed off the dog.”

Rachel is now Rockford’s legal guardian.

The previous owner told her his kids had played with the dog and injured his jaw that morning. She didn’t believe him and convinced him to give the six- to eight-month-old puppy to her.

Rockford was treated at Fruit Valley Vet Clinic in Oswego Town. Vets there said the injuries had occurred before that morning. They also found the dog had previously suffered broken bones in his left leg that hadn’t been treated, Rachel said.

The investigation was turned over to the CNY SPCA (Onondaga County) because Rockford’s previous owner lives in Syracuse.

On Tuesday, the previous owner was charged with three counts of cruelty for animal abuse and neglect, she added.

A muzzle was placed around Rockford’s jaw to see if it would heal properly.

However, after a couple days, they became concerned that the bones may fuse incorrectly.

Rockford got to spend the 4th of July weekend with Rachel. They took him back after X-rays were taken on Monday.

“They weren’t good. One side of his jaw is lined up. But the other side, the bone seemed to rotate. His left is a lot worse off than anticipated. He does in fact need surgery. Dr. Eric from Fruit Valley talked to Dr. Bliss at Cornell who will be doing the surgery,” Rachel told Oswego County

She dropped him off for an evaluation and they told her surgery is the best option for Rockford.

“I’m so nervous. Poor guy, I didn’t want to put him through any more pain,” she said.

”His weight is still down and he is hesitant on eating because it seems something is bothering the inside of his mouth, besides the fact that it is broken, of course,” she continued. “When I brought him to Fruit Valley, he weighed 23.9 pounds. Now he weighs 25.5 pounds. They think that was mostly fluid weight that he gained back because he was so dehydrated.”

Rachel prays that hopefully, he is strong enough to make it through surgery, “which is one of their biggest concerns.”

“I should get him back Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is my birthday, so I’m praying I’ll have him by then – best birthday gift EVER!” Rachel said.


  1. Rachael,
    Thank you for being Rockford’s angel. He is a very lucky dog to have found you!
    When I saw the story on the news, I cried for the poor boy. My heart goes out to him. Good luck with his surgery and I too hope he gets home for your birthday.
    Happy Birthday! and God Bless you both!


  2. You are an angel Rachel. Thanks to people like you Rockford should have a very happy, healthy and safe life.

  3. Rachael,

    It is wonderful of you to go to such great effort to help this poor dog. Good luck, I hope all goes well with the surgery, and that Rockford goes on to have a long, and happy life.


  4. What a wonderful thing you have done. Now what should be done to or with the previous owner. I’m sure we all have are own thoughts on this and they are not good. I hope he gets punished to the max and then that would be to good for him.

    Carol from Michigan

  5. god bless you 4 taking the poor dog..i hope he pulls through we will pray 4 him..

  6. Rachael,
    I also rescued an abused pit bull – mine was a mix. He is the best dog that I ever could have asked for! It seems as if they know they will never be harmed again. You are a great person for saving this misunderstood breed of dog.
    Enjoy your time with Rockford, once he feels better, you will think that you have a clown on your hands every day!

  7. Thank you Rachel for looking after Rockford, you are an Angel ! Happy Birthday to you also and I hope Rockford is able to come home on your birthday, and his surgery goes well !! What a great present!! :-) I can’t believe that people do such terrible things to their pets!!!

  8. God bless you Rachel you are an Angel – I hope the previous owner rots in He**. May he also be responsible for ALL the vet bills.

  9. Rachel, I wish there were more individuals in this world like you and less like the previous owners. It makes me sick to think that some people have the conscience to do something like this to a poor defenseless animal. My dog “Harvey” was an abused dog when I adopted him from the Oswego shelter. I still have him and he turned out to be the best dog I have ever had and a big part of my life. Rockford will reward you with his affection and appreciation for a long time to come.

    Scott from Phoenix

  10. Rachael,
    You are a great person with a good heart, I my self own a Pitbull and she is the best dog a person could ask for. I also bring my dog to Fruit Valley, Dr. Eric and Susan are great people as well as the whole staff, He will be well taken care of there. Rockford looks very happy that you saved him, I hope the other owner gets the book thrown at her and does time in jail, people never get harsh punishment for animal cruelty.

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