Internet Safety Workshop for Parents at Oswego Public Library

OSWEGO, NY – Parents worry about their children’s safety on the internet. And rightfully so; some bad things can happen to children on the internet.

Children can friend strangers on social networking sites because they don’t know how to place privacy settings on their profiles.

Children can talk to strangers in chat rooms and arrange to meet with them somewhere.
Children can send threatening or hurtful messages to others via social networking, instant messaging, or through email.

Children can receive threatening or hurtful messages from others via social networking, instant messaging, or through email.
Sexual predators lurk on the web preying on innocent children who don’t know any better.

The internet is not a bad place if children are shown how to use it responsibly.

It’s important for parents and guardians to guide and supervise their children as they are using the internet for games or schoolwork.

To learn how to do this, parents can attend a free workshop.

On July 28 from 10 a.m. to noon, Oswego Public Library Public Computing Center will host an Internet Safety Workshop for Parents.

This workshop will discuss basic safety guidelines to keep children out of dangerous situations while enjoying the benefits of the internet.

Participants will be encouraged to discuss these topics and ask questions throughout the workshop.

Please register by calling Oswego Public Library at 341-5867 or visit the main desk in the library, located at 120 E. Second St., Oswego.

Public Computing Center workshops are provided free of charge through a Broadband Technology Opportunity grant.