Investigation Continues Into Minetto Playground Arson

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego County Sheriff’s Department as well as the county’s Cause and Origin Team continue to search for clues in Thursday night’s fire at the Minetto Elementary School’s playground.

“It was definitely arson,” Sheriff Reuel Todd said of the fire that damaged the playground equipment near the school. “No way any other way that this fire could have started.”

A lot of kids used the playground, especially in the recent mild weather, he said.

Why would someone deliberately damage the playground equipment? To do this just to cause damage is just wrong,” the sheriff said. “It’s a shame the kids can’t play down there now until it’s fixed; that probably won’t be until the spring.”

Anyone with any information regarding the fire is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 349-3411.

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  1. I taught at Minetto for 31 years, helped in the fund raising and the building of this playground. I have seen hundreds of children enjoy the playground. I cannot understand how anyone could deliberately commit such an act of meanness. I truly hope it does not turn out to be one of my former students.

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