Iosue, Patrick Earn Second Wins of 2016 at Oswego

Oswego’s Aric Iosue and Fulton’s Jack Patrick pocketed their second feature wins of the 2016 season Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway. Starting on the pole, Iosue would take the lead from co-front row starter Jerry Curran and command all 45 laps of the Novelis supermodified main event in dominating fashion. From his third row starting spot, Patrick would wrestle the lead away from Barry Kingsley on the 22nd lap of the Pathfinder Bank small block super 30-lapper. Patrick would then hold off multiple bids from Mike Bond’s lightning quick No. 74, taking the checkered flag with just a few feet to spare.

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Just one month after earning his first win in Fourth of July Weekend’s 75-lapper, Iosue would find himself leading the pack again after nosing ahead of Curran’s No. 24 at the drop of the green. Joe Gosek, Kody Graham and Jeff Abold would fill out the top five after lap No. 1.

Graham would better Gosek on lap No. 2 and slip underneath Curran for second place on lap No. 3. Gosek, Abold and Otto Sitterly would bounce Curran out of the top five. Sitterly would then sail around Abold’s No. 05 on the eighth lap to take over fourth.

The lone caution flag of the race would fall on the 11th lap after Lou LeVea, Jr.’s No. 83 popped the outside wall in turn No. 2. With 10 rounds in, Iosue led Graham, Gosek, Sitterly and Abold. Michael Barnes, Michael Muldoon, David Gruel, Curran and Tim Snyder filled out the top 10.

Iosue held strong on the ensuing restart. Initially, Gosek was able to take multiple outside looks on Graham’s Xtreme Chassis No. 21, but to no avail. His battle would wind up being holding off Sitterly’s hard-pressing No. 7.

At the halfway mark, Iosue had crept to a lead of a dozen lengths. Lapped traffic would be light and wouldn’t end up coming into play. His lead would only grow as the race would go green the rest of the way.

Graham would eventually shake Gosek, but the trio would race together the rest of the way. Sitterly would end up edging out Gosek’s No. 00 for the final podium spot on the race’s final lap.

Graham would cross the checkered stripe in second.

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Slipping past Gosek on the final lap, Sitterly would earn third.

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Gosek and Abold would round out the top five. Gruel would win the battle against his two closest championship point rivals – Barnes and Muldoon. Trailing both on the restart following the caution for LeVea, Gruel would take seventh away from Muldoon early in the run and best Barnes for sixth on the 37th lap. Dave Danzer and Pat Lavery filled out the top 10.

In SBS competition, Cameron Rowe and Scott Shafer brought the field to the green to start the 30-lap small block feature event. Shafer would grab the point, leading Rowe, Kingsley, Kreig Heroth and Patrick across the line to complete lap No. 1.

Quick from when it first rolled off the trailer, Kingsley made his way under Rowe for second on lap No. 2. Two rounds later, he would begin pressing Shafer’s No. 76 for the lead. The lead would be his by the seventh lap. After making his way around Heroth and Rowe, Patrick would best Shafer for the runner-up spot and take aim on Kingsley.

Having started 12th on the grid and fresh off his annihilation of the field its last time out, Bond began making quick work of his fellow SBS racers. Racing into 10th by the second lap and 7th by lap No. 6, Bond would break into the top five on lap No. 9. Two laps after Patrick had bounced Shafer to third, Bond would zip underneath the No. 76, sending it to fourth. At the halfway mark, Bond would catch the lead duo, making it a three-car dance for the lead.

With Kingsley a length and a half ahead of Patrick, Bond’s No. 74 immediately went to work on the Dodge-powered No. 9. Nearly losing the spot to Bond on the 16th lap, Patrick would fight back on the inside and reclaim the position. With Shafer holding off the balance of the field, the lead trio would build a 20-car length advantage over their chasers.

On the 22nd lap, the lone caution flag of the race would spring into flight after Andrew Schartner’s No. 18 suddenly broke loose and slammed the outside wall between turns three and four. The Hedger Racing Chassis No. 18 suffered extensive damage. Its driver, though shaken, was able to walk away.

With just nine trips remaining around Oswego’s fast five-eighths mile, Kingsley led Patrick, Bond, Shafer and Cliff. Rowe, Anthony Losurdo, Dalton Doyle, Heroth and Michael Bruce commanded positions six through 10.

Before the caution, Kingsley had been rolling atop the field. Patrick had yet to make a serious bid for the lead as he’d been spending more time fending off Bond’s seemingly unstoppable charge. However, on the restart, Kingsley’s luck would change.

Already knowing Bond wasn’t willing to wait, Patrick took a chance on the race leader on the ensuing restart after the No. 91 stumbled exiting the second turn. Powering under Kingsley’s No. 91 on the back straightaway, Patrick would beat the race leader to the third-turn corner. Unable to plug gap in time, Kingsley could only watch as Bond tucked in behind Patrick’s No. 9, moving into second.

The lead duo wasted no time in making it a two-man race. Likewise, Bond would waste no time in challenging Patrick for the race lead. Numerous outside bids would bring Bond’s No. 74 alongside Patrick’s No. 9, but Patrick would hold his ground and survive the challenge each time.

Bond would give it a final go on the white-flag lap. Again, choosing the outside lane, the No. 74 would pull alongside the No. 9 between turns three and four. They’d race to the checkered stripe for the last time where Patrick would hit the line first in a photo finish.

Coming up just short, but picking up some valuable points in the title hunt, Bond would claim second place.

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With the luck that’s fallen upon the pilot of the No. 91 this season, landing in third was almost as good as a win for Kingsley.

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Shafer and Cliff would round out the top five.

Novelis Supermodified 45: 1. Aric Iosue (11), 2. Kody Graham (21), 3. Otto Sitterly (7), 4. Joe Gosek (00), 5. Jeff Abold (05), 6. Dave Gruel (50), 7. Michael Barnes (68), 8. Michael Muldoon (15), 9. Dave Danzer (52), 10. Pat Lavery (12), 11. Dan Connors, Jr. (01), 12. Tim Snyder (0), 13. Dave McKnight (70), 14. Jerry Curran (24), 15. Hal LaTulip (56), 16. Lou LeVea, Jr. (83), 17. Keith Shampine (55), 18. Kreig Heroth (14) 19. Brandon Bellinger (02) – DNS

Heat race wins were picked up by Gruel, Shampine and Bellinger. Muldoon and Graham earned the two 15-lap semi-features.

Pathfinder Bank SBS 30: 1. Jack Patrick (9), 2. Mike Bond (74), 3. Barry Kingsley (91), 4. Scott Shafer (76), 5. Dave Cliff (50), 6. Cameron Rowe (77), 7. Dalton Doyle (01), 8. Anthony Losurdo (1), 9. Kreig Heroth (04), 10. Mike Bruce (22), 11. Camden Proud (54), 12. Jesse Bearup (37), 13. Greg O’Connor (90), 14. Andrew Schartner (18), 15. Mark Castiglia (69)

Heat race wins went to Bond and Kingsley.