Is The County Really Saving Any Money?

Letter to the editor:
Well it seems the Valley News has gone from being the county watchdog to a lapdog for the Republicans. I couldn’t believe the front page story by Debra Groom saying that the county taxpayers are saving $1.1 million by not filling vacancies.

If Debra Groom went to all the meetings, she would know that this report is given every month and it’s nothing more than a dog and pony show to mislead the public into thinking the Republican majority is saving money.

Where was Debra Groom a couple months ago when the Republican legislators on the Finance Committee voted to fill 21 positions?  I had a big problem with it and the next thing I know, I was taken off the committee.

The Democrat caucus won’t support filling any positions that aren’t mandated by the state.  Object to the Republicans wanting to fill all these non-mandated positions and you’ll get bumped from the committee.

Maybe if the Republicans want to be honest with the taxpayers, they will disclose the names of all the friends and relatives they’ve gotten jobs for, and those they created positions for.

Ask former legislator, majority leader and now-county treasurer Fred Beardsley how many of his friends and relatives are now working for the county. Ask him how he got his job. He won’t even answer the question of whether he graduated from high school, but the Republicans appointed him treasurer regardless.  Just last November, Jeff Beardlsey got hired in the highway department. Ask Fred Beardlsey how Jeff is related to him.

Ask Legislator Bob Hayes if his grandson was recently hired by the county highway department and ask him if his son is going to be the next purchasing director. Ask Legislator Dan Chalifoux why he’s not running again this year. Ask him what county job he’s been promised. Ask why a position was created for Matthew Bacon. The answer we got in committee was that Mr. Bacon wanted to carry on his family legacy.

I could go on and on but the taxpayers get the picture. While some titles aren’t being filled, there’s been plenty of hiring going on. Different titles, different days.

I’m sure you’ll censor my letter, but I’ll read it at the meeting anyway. You could at least check the facts before you write something like that.  What about the 21 positions that were filled? What’s the total of the salary and benefits for those positions? I think that got left out of the article.

Legislator Doug Malone